Monday, January 18, 2016

*18th JANUARY, 2016.   
*We love our Pivot Points because in speculative markets LORD KRISHNA is a Pivot Point in all the  price action. 

*2016 INTRA YEAR NEETA'S ONLY PROFIT PIVOT POINTS BULLETIN is ready. Subscribe today & make profit everyday, every week consistantly.
*Request: Please do not invest in Stocks & Real estate for coming three years.

*WE TRADE only with our Pivot Points. No ifs & buts ONLY PROFIT.

*16/1. 134 Oil Exploration & Production Companies in US-Canada -Total Debt $ 353 Billion ,India’s Forex Reserve $ 348 B

*मदिरालय  जाने को घर से चलता है पीनेवला,
'किस पथ से जाऊँ?' असमंजस में है वह भोलाभाला,

अलग-अलग पथ बतलाते सब पर मैं यह बतलाता हूँ -
'राह पकड़ तू एक चला चल , पा जाएगा मधुशाला।'। ६।

*Trade only with Neeta's PP Support & Resistance precise trading levels. Go ahead & grab it.  Huge profit is waiting for you.

You will certainly reach your destination of ONLY Profit $$$ MADHUSHALA.
चलने ही चलने में कितना जीवन, हाय, बिता डाला!
'दूर अभी है', पर, कहता है हर पथ बतलानेवाला,
हिम्मत है न बढूँ आगे को साहस है न फिरुँ पीछे,
किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़ मुझे कर दूर खड़ी है मधुशाला।।७।

*The single most destructive pattern I observe among skilled professionals–especially those in competitive fields such as finance.
They hate losing and turn that into hating themselves for losing. Emotionally, they transform the experience of failure into experiencing themselves as failures.
*Like yourself, Love yourself, have confidence in yourself & the world will follow you.

 *The only automatic trend following price chart of Neeta's Pivot Points. Our yearly 2016 trading Bulletin is ready.


1. We will trade only with our Precise Pivot Points with STOP LOSS & REVERSE of the Pivot Points.   

2. We will entertain only those traders who are active traders/investors in the market & those who will trade with me ONLY FOR 100% success rate & for making huge profit.

WE TRADE only with our Pivot Points. No ifs & buts ONLY PROFIT.

******7/1/2016. Our 2016 INTRA YEAR only profit Trading Pivot Points Bulletin is READY with precise targets of NIFTY, Bank Nifty, 130 F&O and Cash stocks, World Indices, INR currency pairs, MCX Gold,Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, Nickel, Lead & Zinc.

The excel sheet will be sent only once by e mail & all the targets are valid for the whole year. Excellent for day,short term & long term trading and Investment. Subscription Rs.20,000.

  *7/1. Look all our predcted Pivot Points targets are achvd. & we made a 500% profit in 4 trading days in BUYING of Put Options of NIFTY,Tata Motor, Rel Infra & Rel cap.

Know sure things in advance. Only we had predicted that January will be a bearish month.


with ENTRY target, EXIT target & STOP and REVERSE target. Rs.10000 for ONE single MSMS call Now  at 50% discount Pay only 5000 for One single MSMS.

  *18/1. 1. Sell 900 Nifty at 7415. SL 7425. Target 7360. Target achvd.
2. Sell 5000 Axis bank at 383. SL 385. Target 375. Target achvd.
3. Sell 15000 Cairn India at 116. SL 116.50. Target 112.30. Target achvd.

 *15/1. 1. SELL 900 Nifty at 7520. SL 7542. Target 7480. Target achvd.
2. Sell 900 Nifty at 7475. SL 7490. Target 7425.........
3. SELL 7500 Tata Motor at 352. SL 355. Target 343. Target achvd.
4. BUY 10500 Tata Motor 340 Put option at 6. SL 4. Target 11. Target achvd.
5. SELL 8000 Tata Steel at 240. SL. 243. Target 233. target achvd.
6. Buy1800 Nifty 7400 Put option at 54. SL 47. Target 75. Target achvd.
  *14/1. SELL 7500 tata motor at 354. SL 357. Target 348. Tgt achvd.
*BUY 7500 Tata Motor at 348. SL 346. target 355. Target achvd.
*BUY 3000 Nifty 7700 CALL option at 28. SL 21. Target 49.. Target achvd.
*BUY 3000 Nifty 7400 PUT option at 41. SL 34. Target 63. Target achvd.
*BUY 900 NIFTY above 7480 PP. Target 7524. PP Target achvd.
*BUY 900 NIFTY at 7530. SL 7520. Target 7615 PP. Target achvd.
*13/1. Sell 900 Nifty at 7595. SL 7620. Target 7326. Tgt avhvd. SELL again 900 Nifty at 7510. SL 7530. Target 7450. Target achvd.

BUY 900 Nifty at 7440. SL 7420. Target 7480. Target achvd. BUY again 900 Nifty at 7490. SL 7480. Target 7525. Target achvd. BUY again  900 NIFTY  at 7530. SL 7520. Target 7595. Target achvd.

SELL 6800  Arvind  at 344. SL 347. Target 337. Target achvd. SELL again  8500 Arvind at 337. SL 340. Target  332. Target achvd.

BUY 10500 Rel Cap 420 PUT OPTION at 11. SL 8.70. Target 20. Target achvd. BUY again 10500 Rel Cap 420 PUT option at 21. SL 18. Target 31. target achvd.

*12/1. SELL 1500 NIFTY at 7570. SL 7590. Target 7526. Target achvd. 

SELL 720 Bank NIFTY at 16000. SL 16080 Target  15850. Tgt achvd.

SELL arvind 10200 at 346. SL 349. Target 338.30. Tgt achvd

SELL Axis bank 8000 at 416. Target 407. Target achvd.

 ** 11/1.  ���� Did u check monthly pivot bulletin. In 7 days Nifty put 7400 from 9 to 87 up 900%. 7500 put 15 to 123 up 800%. Only profit. Nifty down from 7952 to 7525 pivot. What more accuracy is required. ����  Tushar. Look bank. All stocks metals. Crude anything. Nickel up from 556 to 574 and now again 554. Copper below 315 to 296. Crude below 2493 down to 2150. IDBI below 89 down to 74. Tonnes of profit. No I am not God. 

*BUY 1500 NIFTY at 7530 with stop & reverse of 7515. Tgt 7610. Tgt achvd.

*SELL 1500 NIFTY at 7615. SL 7625. Tgt 7575. Tgt achvd.

*7/1. Where the NIFTY is heading ? A BEARISH  ISLAND REVERSAL & a RUNAWAY GAP will take NIFTY to 6XXX.

*4/1. Yes our newyear resolution is working giving Mind blowing profit.

1. SELL ..SELL..NIFTY 1500 below PP of 7952 for the target of 7790 & 7700/7680.  

2. SELL 10 lots of Rel Cap at 463. SL 467. Tgt 448. Tgt achvd.

1/1/2016. 1. BUY 1500 Nifty  at 7954. SL 7940.Target 7990. Tgt achvd.

2. Buy 10 lots of Rel cap. at 444. SL 439. Target.........did not book profit. closed at 466. Tgt 510. *4/1.Booked at 464.

3. Buy 4500 Nifty 8100 Call option at 52. SL 45. Target 77........*4/1.Booked at 65.

4. BUY 20 lots of Rel Cap 480 Call option at 8. SL 5. Target 18. Tgt achvd.

*31/12/2015. Our Mega SMS calls.

1. Buy Rel Infra at 514. SL 511. Target 543. Tgt achvd.

2. BUY Rel Infra 520 CALL OPTION at Rs.2. SL 0.50., Target 23. Target achvd (0.60 low,28 high)

3. Buy 1500 Nifty at 7900. Sl 7880. Target 7945. Target achvd.

4. Buy 4950 Nifty 7900 Call option at 11. SL 7. Target 43. Target achvd.

  *A Stock Trader's Story - Why Aren't We Rich Daddy?

*He had bought and sold hundreds of stocks and several properties over those years, but had never really made any real money.  He owed it to himself and his family to finally get his act together and  make some changes to his trading plan.  That was the day the pain of not living up to his potential made him sit down and write out his trading strategy and rules.

One Saturday morning, while he was sitting at his computer studying the market, David's 7 year old daughter came up, tugged at his shirt sleeve, and said, "Daddy, why aren't we rich?"
He looked his child in the eye, and thought to himself, what a great question - why aren't we rich?
As she stood there expectantly waiting for an answer, he struggled to come to grips with the realization that, although he had focused his undivided attention on nothing but creating wealth for more than 15 years, he was still broke.
He had bought and sold hundreds of Stocks and several properties over those years, but had never made any real money to speak of.
He looked at his daughter, and asked, “What makes you think we aren't rich, sweetheart?”
She looked at him sternly and said, “Because you said that if we were rich, you and mom wouldn't have to go to work any more, and you both still work all the time.
You said we could live near the beach and play in the sand every day. I want to know what you are doing about that. When can we go and live at the beach?”
There’s nothing like a child to cut straight to the heart of the problem - and what was he doing about it?
“We're not rich because daddy made some mistakes,” he finally answered.
“What kind of mistakes, daddy?” she asked.
“Well, I bought some shares that were going down and then didn't sell them soon enough. Then I bought some houses but sold them again just before they went up in price.”
“Why did you do that?” she asked.
He had to think long and hard about that. He had no reason to buy shares that were going down in the first place. He had no reason to hold on to them when they kept going down. He had no reason to sell the properties either, come to think of it.
Her logic was flawless – why wasn’t he doing better financially than he was?
He knew in that moment that he had to change his strategy.
He owed it to himself and his family to finally get his act together and make some changes - that was the day the pain of not living up to his potential made him sit down and write out his stock market trading plan...his trading strategy and rules – he had to have a life raft.
He started by writing out his vision - what he wanted his life to look like when he became a successful trader and investor, then worked backwards from there - through the details of how he was going to achieve his dream.
He saw in his mind the 4 bedroom penthouse on the beach, the red Ferrari 360 Modena, the 80 inch plasma screen computer monitor in an office overlooking the surf beach 17 floors below, the family holidays, the million dollar donations to worthwhile causes and children's charities.
He visualized all the tremendous benefits of becoming a successful trader, investor and philanthropist.
He realized that his main problem all this time had been that he was afraid of losing, and that fear was just too expensive to let it control his life any longer! He had been playing not to lose, instead of playing to win.
He decided he would never again sell a property unless there was a compelling reason to do so.
He decided that he would no longer accept anything less than perfect execution of his stock trading plan.
He decided that he would take every trade entry signal his system gave him and follow his trading plan as if his life depended on it.
As if, after each trade was closed out, he had to stand in front of a panel of super traders, and explain his actions to them - why he entered where he did, where he placed his stop losses, why he exited when he did.
And if they weren't convinced he followed the rules of successful trading, he would be taken out and shot!
This certainly focused his attention on only trading strong trends - trends where the price bars were trading above their respective moving averages for long trades, or below for the moving averages for short trades, and the Stock price was moving strongly in one direction.
He pretended that if he couldn't justify his trading decisions to his trading Mentors, he was dead...
That was the day he resolved to study his selected group of Stocks, the ones that had a track record of trending strongly, every day.
He would then take every trade his system produced, put his stop loss orders in the market as he entered each trade it a place where the trend had to change to take him out of the market, and he would hold every position until the trend changed.
He would act 'as if' he was a great trader, even though his record up to that point had been less than inspiring...
That innocent question from a child turned out to be the start of David's successful trading career.
He started to trade profitably and consistently for the first time in his life. He thought he was doing well, and indeed he was making money.
He knew from his wealthy mentors that rich people are different; they make rational decisions based on facts, not emotions.
They understand the value of money - they respect it as a tool for building a better world. They buy well for logical reasons and hold until there is a valid reason to sell.
Then one day, he closed out a trade, and excitedly told his daughter, “Daddy made a big profit in the market today darling, come and look and see what I did.”
His daughter came over to the computer and looked at the screen as he excitedly showed her where he had bought a Stock and then sold for a $13000 profit. She looked at him and said, “But daddy, it's still going up, why did you sell now?”
His smile faded as the power of that question sunk in...why had he sold it?
What was he doing getting out of such a strong trend just to take a profit? What would his trading Mentors say?
She was right...the market was still open, so he bought back in again. He had never been able to bring himself to do that before - he was becoming a great trader!
The rally continued and he kept buying more as it rallied. The trend finally changed, but his profit on that trade, when he eventually got a valid sell signal, was $34500!
His daughter's simple, logical question 5 weeks earlier had been worth over $20000!
That was the last time he ever got out of a trade based on his emotions. His fear of the market was gone - thanks to some simple questions from a 7 year old...
So now, it's your turn.
Whenever you are preparing to place a trade, find a small child, even if you have to borrow one, and ask them what the trend is. Then don't trade the other way!
If your trading isn't as great as you know it could be, decide to create a trading plan now that will become your life raft.
Remember, fear is just too expensive folks.
If you are afraid of losing money, reduce your position size until your fear goes away.
Once you have made a series of small profits, you will be trading with the markets money and you can increase you position size according to your growing confidence and account balance.
If you have a series of losses, reduce your position size again until you get back on the right track. Stick to your trading plan once you have something that works consistently.
Then, just go out and do it!

*22/12.Again the magic of Pivot points. No confusion. Only profit.

*Members bought 7800 Call op at 60. Sl 52. Tgt 85. Tgt achvd.

*Sold Nifty at 7850. SL 7882. Tgt 7790. Tgt achvd.

*Bought 7800 call op at 40. SL 33. Tgt 70. Tgt achvd.

*Sold Bank Nifty at 16900. SL 16952. Tgt 16715. Tgt achvd.

*18/12. Experiance the SUPER MAGIC of ONLY PROFIT TUSHAR'S PIVOT POINTS...Sell below 7880...just see the BLOOD BATH....

*2016 KNOW SURE THINGS in ADVANCE. Our Yearly Trading Pivot Points will be ready on 7th Jan.2016. Subscribe today & make sure profit trading/Investing with our ONLY PROFIT pivots.

*20/12. Now in weekly chart NIFTY has given a BUY signal.....but BUY only if it trades above 7792....otherwise continue to SELL...sell...sell....below 7790 & below our Pivot of 7770.

  *17/12. SELL....SELL....NIFTY mercilessly below 7880 (closing price) stop loss for the targets of 7770, 7720, 7650, 7560..................7350 expiry.

*17/12. Breaking News: FED'S rate hike will NOT affect INDIA.....because Indians' from centuries have been living on hope of ACCHHE DIN & RAM RAJYA. 

*Only the INTEREST on  external debt burden will keep rising enormously............and that is the end of the last hope of ACCHHE DIN.

*9/12. Sell...Sell...ACC, BEML, Cipla, Century, Crompton, IOC,JSWsteel, Rcom,RelInfra,Tata Motor, Tata Steel, Voltas & Wockhardt.

*9/12. B R E A K I N G   N E W S :  Do not be in a hurry to BUY Real Estate. Wait & watch. Price of Real estate will tumble below 2004 price level. Please do not invest NOW.   

 *9/12.Subscribe today & make profit in 2016 round the year. Breaking News......OUR INTRA YEAR  Only Profit TRADING TARGETS Pivot Point BULLETIN for the entire year of 2016 will be ready on 6th Jan.2016.

*Tgts for NIFTY, Bank Nifty, 100 stocks Future, World Indices Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, Hang Seng, Nikkie. MCX GOLD, SILVER, Copper, Crude Oil, Lead,Natural gas, Nickel & Zinc.
*The excel sheet will be sent only once by e mail. Subscription Rs.15,000.
*No need to read charts, watch Blue channels etc.
Just follow the simple rule of BUY above the Pivot Points with stop & Reverse of the PP & Simillarly SELL below PP with stop & Reverse of PP.
* Make profit every day, every week, every month trading strictly with the Pivot Points.

*8/12. NIFTY has broken the NECKLINE OF SHS. Next downside target is 7XXX. SELL NIFTY, Coal India, L&T, Grasim.

*3/12. Disaster struck Chennai. Flooded with heavy rain.

*REL CAPITAL & MM FINANCE up 4% & 2% respectively.
Both these companies will give in charity their 99% holding for flood relief ???????
*Indian market will rise from the bottom...BUY because our institutes & operators will have to average their long positions  otherwise they will have to book huge loss.

*Zuckerberg's huge pledge reflects a new era in philanthropy.

*I could see Lord Krishna in Mark Zuckerberg's family. I salute them.
*Do keep the family photo since we are lucky to have such pure souls on the earth.

*2/12. Facebook's Zuckerberg to give 99 percent of shares to charity.

2/12. Will TATA, BIRLA, AMBANIS will ever do this even in their wildest dream ???

*Forget about CHARITY even if these people & politicians  STOPS LOOTING the public India will automatically become a Rich country.

  *29/11. In monthly candle stick chart BUY signals are generated in Nifty, Bank NIFTY, Axis bank, CanBank, HDFC etc. BUY them on MONDAY 30th and above the close of 30th Nov.

*26/11. Members had bought 20 lots of Dr.Reddy 3300 Put options at Rs.10 on 25th & Sold it for Rs.190 today.
*Members had bought 20 lots of Tata Motor 410 Call option at Rs. 1.80. Sold it at Rs.15.

*Sinan Koray, I had the privilege of listening to John Bollinger last night. It was a very informative experience. Out of all he said two comments really stood out for me:
  • Our aim is to separate our emotions from trading.
  • First and foremost we are psychologists.  Worth thinking about.
*22/11. SELL NIFTY, Dr.Reddy & Wockhard Pharma............

*17/11. Nifty on the way to complete the Left shoulder at 7940.....and then will tumble down to.....
Sell on a rise..

*13/11. Come & learn to surf the market waves.

*12/11. We wish all our members & well wishers a very Happy  & Prosperous New Year of KING VIKRAMADITYA'S Vikram Samvat 2072. 

*VS 2072 A bearish SELL on a rise & BUY in extreme panic.

*12/11. May Lord Krishna impart the ultimate knowledge of understanding the PRICE ACTION to WIN in any speculative markets because in Speculative markets Price Action is LORD KRISHNA.
*Allow emotions free KARMA to follow Price Action. That is  Precise Pivot Points.
*II  Where there is Lord Krishna (Price Action) , there is TUSHAR'S Pivot Points & there the VICTORY is certain  II. 

*Contact us for many surprises in the coming year to make your coming New year, a year of mind blowing success.
*Remember the mantra *We will be trading & Investing only for PROFITS...PROFITS....and PROFITS.

 *29/10. Monthly Candle stick chart (October) of NIFTY & Bank Nifty indicating a strong SELL signal in the form of a Shooting star & a Downward Bar Reversal.
Sell on every rise.

All my Dear Members, Please do not miss this God sent opportunity of listening to Shri. Deep Trivedi at 8AM on every Sunday. on EPIC channel. It will change your approach to life forever. Not only that it will be a boon for Speculative Market traders as DEEP SIR will unfold the reason behind your failure as a trader and how to overcome GREED & FEAR for successful trading. Please hear him with your family & friends. Tushar & Neeta Vaishnav.

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So don't miss the Magic...
 *28/10. FED puts Cart before the Horse. Why such early anouncement of an anouncement that is due in the Month of December.?
*27/10. Sell.... Nifty & Bank nifty on a rise. Nifty tgt 8060.
*SELL M&M on a rise. Tgt 1216.
*18/10. Hold long positions. Buy Nifty, L&T, ACC & Book profit on 21st before 3.20pm.
*Do not remain long after 21st 3.25pm.

*4/10. CAUTION : There is a Hammer formation in Monthly Candle Stick chart of Nifty & Bank Nifty. A bullish indication. Three close of Nifty above 8060 will take NIFTY to ABCD tgt of 8300 & Inverted SHS tgt of 8550.
*Unless NIFTY is not breaking bottom of 7690 Bulls are having upper hand.
*But you can always go short with STOP & REVERSE tgt of 8060 on a close price basis & can increase the short position on a Nifty close below 7690..

*23/9. Today our members made 400% profit in NIFTY call options BUY and 1300% profit in Arvind Ltd Call option BUY.
*See the Nifty fut targets . We bought above 7739 for the tgt of 7855. Tgt achvd & look at the Nifty fut close price 7855. That is 100% only profit trading targets.
*24/9 EXPIRY Nifty range for great profit.
*24/9.  7896, 7788, 7750, 7715

*22/9. All our members made 1000% profit in intra day today in  Buying NIFTY 7700,7800 & 7900 PUT OPTIONS. and 600% Profit in  Buying L&T 1550 Put Option and TataMOTOR 330 & 320 Put options.
We follow the price action. No sentiments NO fundamentals.
 *Come make money in NIFTY options today. 
NIFTY fut Intra day only profit TRADING  tgts for 23/9
*23/9.  7855, 7739, 7702 & 7670
 *Buy Tata Motor Put options today & make money Tgt 302

*19/9. Nifty fut. range for 21st 8023,7918, 7878,7850. Trade with these Only Profit Pivot Points & shaw your GUTS.
*A compelling Fibonacci evidence of a multi-century (377 years, to be exact) wave pattern coming to fruition -- and its massive implications. Subscribers already know what to expect next. Do you?

Know the NIFTY only profits precise Trading Pivot Points for 21st.  
*LORD SHREE KRISHNA tells Shree ARJUN that In speculative markets 
I am the PRICE ACTION. I am the Price tickers.

*If the price ticker is pointing down you have to use your winning tools to sell & if the Price ticker is pointing upward you have to use your winning tools to Buy.
Move with price tickers, follow me & you will never repent.
*You will always be a winner irrespective of your likes & dislikes for any stocks.

YOUR PRECISE TARGETS  predicted as per your MONTHLY & YEARLY precise (ONLY PROFIT) trading targets
Dear Sir,
As per your analysis right, all tgt achieved in Nifty & Bank Nifty…………………Now @3.10PM

*15/3. Nifty on the way to 8340. Sell.
*Bank Nifty on the way to 18250. Sell.

Great analysis. Great prediction in 10 days advance you have given the tgt of Nifty & Bank Nifty, evnthough intraday upward movements does not sustain, finally your analysis is correct through out the country, all tips providers analysts giving the Tgt of 9000+ for nifty & 20000+ for Bank Nifty, once again this has been proved your analysis is perfect in this market.

Thanks & Regards
  *15/3. Nifty on the way to 8340. Sell.
*Bank Nifty on the way to 18250. Sell.
*All our trained clients and subscribers of Monthly/Yearly Sure Targets (stop & reverse NO LOSS) bulletin are making huge profit everyday. Just trade with our Pivot Points.

*An Expert Trading Coach
*We can make you a successful trader within 6 to 12 months guarenteed.
A trader who can trade on their own mechanically for profits only.

*WE GIVE GENUINE CALLS to our Genuine HIGH NETWORTH clients only.

*Others can read our FREE NEWS LETTER & make money.
*8/3. FR......E.......E   BUY Aban Offshore above 502......Tgt.....
Buy Nickel above 904................. Tgt.................

*Our MONTHLY MARCH 2015 Intra Month Precise Trading targets bulletin will be ready on 3/3. Subscribe today & start making money from the first day of the month.

*2/3. Buy Cement stocks & hold. Buy Andhra Cement at Rs.10. Tgt 16.,20.
Buy appolo tyre., Buy Aurobindo Pharma.

*28/2. what a memorable day for all our trained clients. With intra day exposure of just 1000 Bank nifty fut they earned 350 points four times by both SELLING/Buying and last master stroke of Buying & getting 600 points. Total they earned Rs.20 lacs in INTRA day on a margin of Rs.4 lacs.
It was not a fluke or LUCK. We have told you in advance GOOD or BAD budget NIFTY tgt is 10200.
....Read below performance of MY "TRAINED CLIENTS".........

*27/2. GOOD or BAD BUDGET. NIFTY will test PP10200.
& then more things will be auctioned FII's......& 
the NIFTY will plunge to.........our precise downside  PPXXXX

***20/2. 50 Builders, 1000-2000 MP ,2000-3000 MLA 500-1000 Corporate people 100-200 Bollywood Stars 100 Cricketers 10000 Richest Indians ,Media house..Rules India.
.........and if you want to remove INDIA'S poverty TEN times then GRAB their assets.

*Yuvraaj Singh sold for 16 crore ,Narendra Modi ‘bandhgala’ goes for Rs 4.31 crore ,Still 60% population in India below poverty line & 39% is just sitting on the edge of poverty line.


***22/2. FREE...FREE....GUARANTEED PROFIT Buy....Buy...BOI above 240, BOB above 184, M&M above 1250, NTPC above 146.For targets subscribe to 2015 Intra YEAR trading Precise Pivot Points

***22/2.   BREAKING NEWS....make tonnes of MONEY with small risk & HIGHEST REWARD ever given by any analyst, operator, insider, software etc & that too in just 2 days of trading. If you are honest & want to get this SUPER DUPER SINGLE MEGA SMS call of R.40,000/- then contact me.
*No charts, No software. Our INTRA YEAR 2015  Only PROFIT  No LOSS Precise Pivot Points Bulletin.

*TUSHAR Bhaishankar Vaishnav,  Neeta Vaishnav.
ICICI Bank. Andheri (West) Branch. Mumbai. 
SB A/c No.001101531457. IFSC Code: ICIC0000011.

*TUSHAR Vaishnav.
HDFC BANK. Shoppers Stop Branch. Mumbai.
SB A/c No.01141000086422.    IFSC Code: HDFC0000114.

*YOU can earn in all types of market with confidence ONLY with our STOP & REVERSE NO LOSS PRECISE TRADING PIVOT POINTS MONTHLY & YEARLY TARGETS.
*You have LOST 33 days  of TRADING & Investing profit.
*Subscribe today & start making profit with ease & peace of MIND.

*TUSHAR Bhaishankar Vaishnav,   Neeta Vaishnav.
ICICI Bank. Andheri (West) Branch. Mumbai. 
SB A/c No.001101531457. IFSC Code: ICIC0000011.

*Please contact me on OR Whatsapp 9869902649 OR on whatsApp  8108398381.

DISCLAIMER :Trading & investing in stock market and in Forex market is highly risky. We take no responsibility of any kind for any of our suggestions & writing. . The clients, subscribers, traders & investors are trading & investing totally at their own risk. The stock market, cash & F&O trading has infinite risk where one can lose the invested capital & can run into further heavy losses too. We do not give any guarantee for any of our writing, price targets, educational programmes & for any statement related to stock market & trading. Trading & Investing in stock market is highly risky business & can cause huge financial loss. We are not responsible for any of your actions that may be based on our suggestions. We do not give any performance guarantee.

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