Wednesday, December 9, 2015

*9th  December,  2015.

*9/12. Sell...Sell...ACC, BEML, Cipla, Century, Crompton, IOC,JSWsteel, Rcom,RelInfra,Tata Motor, Tata Steel, Voltas & Wockhardt.

*9/12. B R E A K I N G   N E W S :  Do not be in a hurry to BUY Real Estate. Wait & watch. Price of Real estate will tumble below 2004 price level. Please do not invest NOW.   

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Just follow the simple rule of BUY above the Pivot Points with stop & Reverse of the PP & Simillarly SELL below PP with stop & Reverse of PP.
* Make profit every day, every week, every month trading strictly with the Pivot Points.

*8/12. NIFTY has broken the NECKLINE OF SHS. Next downside target is 7XXX. SELL NIFTY, Coal India, L&T, Grasim.

*3/12. Disaster struck Chennai. Flooded with heavy rain.

*REL CAPITAL & MM FINANCE up 4% & 2% respectively.
Both these companies will give in charity their 99% holding for flood relief ???????
*Indian market will rise from the bottom...BUY because our institutes & operators will have to average their long positions  otherwise they will have to book huge loss.

*Zuckerberg's huge pledge reflects a new era in philanthropy.

*I could see Lord Krishna in Mark Zuckerberg's family. I salute them.
*Do keep the family photo since we are lucky to have such pure souls on the earth.

*2/12. Facebook's Zuckerberg to give 99 percent of shares to charity.

2/12. Will TATA, BIRLA, AMBANIS will ever do this even in their wildest dream ???

*Forget about CHARITY even if these people & politicians  STOPS LOOTING the public India will automatically become a Rich country.

  *29/11. In monthly candle stick chart BUY signals are generated in Nifty, Bank NIFTY, Axis bank, CanBank, HDFC etc. BUY them on MONDAY 30th and above the close of 30th Nov.

*26/11. Members had bought 20 lots of Dr.Reddy 3300 Put options at Rs.10 on 25th & Sold it for Rs.190 today.
*Members had bought 20 lots of Tata Motor 410 Call option at Rs. 1.80. Sold it at Rs.15.

*Sinan Koray, I had the privilege of listening to John Bollinger last night. It was a very informative experience. Out of all he said two comments really stood out for me:
  • Our aim is to separate our emotions from trading.
  • First and foremost we are psychologists.  Worth thinking about.
*22/11. SELL NIFTY, Dr.Reddy & Wockhard Pharma............

*17/11. Nifty on the way to complete the Left shoulder at 7940.....and then will tumble down to.....
Sell on a rise..

*13/11. Come & learn to surf the market waves.

*12/11. We wish all our members & well wishers a very Happy  & Prosperous New Year of KING VIKRAMADITYA'S Vikram Samvat 2072. 

*VS 2072 A bearish SELL on a rise & BUY in extreme panic.

*12/11. May Lord Krishna impart the ultimate knowledge of understanding the PRICE ACTION to WIN in any speculative markets because in Speculative markets Price Action is LORD KRISHNA.
*Allow emotions free KARMA to follow Price Action. That is  Precise Pivot Points.
*II  Where there is Lord Krishna (Price Action) , there is TUSHAR'S Pivot Points & there the VICTORY is certain  II. 

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 *29/10. Monthly Candle stick chart (October) of NIFTY & Bank Nifty indicating a strong SELL signal in the form of a Shooting star & a Downward Bar Reversal.
Sell on every rise.

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 *28/10. FED puts Cart before the Horse. Why such early anouncement of an anouncement that is due in the Month of December.?
*27/10. Sell.... Nifty & Bank nifty on a rise. Nifty tgt 8060.
*SELL M&M on a rise. Tgt 1216.
*18/10. Hold long positions. Buy Nifty, L&T, ACC & Book profit on 21st before 3.20pm.
*Do not remain long after 21st 3.25pm.

*4/10. CAUTION : There is a Hammer formation in Monthly Candle Stick chart of Nifty & Bank Nifty. A bullish indication. Three close of Nifty above 8060 will take NIFTY to ABCD tgt of 8300 & Inverted SHS tgt of 8550.
*Unless NIFTY is not breaking bottom of 7690 Bulls are having upper hand.
*But you can always go short with STOP & REVERSE tgt of 8060 on a close price basis & can increase the short position on a Nifty close below 7690..

*23/9. Today our members made 400% profit in NIFTY call options BUY and 1300% profit in Arvind Ltd Call option BUY.
*See the Nifty fut targets . We bought above 7739 for the tgt of 7855. Tgt achvd & look at the Nifty fut close price 7855. That is 100% only profit trading targets.
*24/9 EXPIRY Nifty range for great profit.
*24/9.  7896, 7788, 7750, 7715

*22/9. All our members made 1000% profit in intra day today in  Buying NIFTY 7700,7800 & 7900 PUT OPTIONS. and 600% Profit in  Buying L&T 1550 Put Option and TataMOTOR 330 & 320 Put options.
We follow the price action. No sentiments NO fundamentals.
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NIFTY fut Intra day only profit TRADING  tgts for 23/9
*23/9.  7855, 7739, 7702 & 7670
 *Buy Tata Motor Put options today & make money Tgt 302

*19/9. Nifty fut. range for 21st 8023,7918, 7878,7850. Trade with these Only Profit Pivot Points & shaw your GUTS.
*A compelling Fibonacci evidence of a multi-century (377 years, to be exact) wave pattern coming to fruition -- and its massive implications. Subscribers already know what to expect next. Do you?

Know the NIFTY only profits precise Trading Pivot Points for 21st.  
*LORD SHREE KRISHNA tells Shree PARTHA that In speculative markets 
I am the PRICE ACTION. I am the Price tickers.

*If the price ticker is pointing down you have to use your winning tools to sell & if the Price ticker is pointing upward you have to use your winning tools to Buy.
Move with price tickers, follow me & you will never repent.
*You will always be a winner irrespective of your likes & dislikes for any stocks.

*GERMAN BANKS at risk of  'Alarming' profit fall.
*Mark Spitznagel warns: If investors thought August was scary, "they ain't seen nothing yet"  

*18/9. A shooting star in NIFTY, a gap at 7919 & a SELL in 60mins chart clearly suggests an end to the rally. Honey moon with FED is over. Now once again BLOOD BATH. Sell on a rise & SELL mercilessly below 7970,7850,7690........tgt 7400.

*18/9. Indian market zooms. No rain Nothing to worry. Drink shares, eat shares, sleep with shares .
*Breaking News FED chief will be replaced by RBI governor.
 *17/9. Breaking News: Fed leaves rates unchanged.
*Obeys instructions from RBI governor. 

***WIKI LEAKS Published 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank...... The Top Most 24 members are.....(money is in CRORES) 
*****The following information has been delivered to me. I am not in a position to vouch for its correctness right now, but seeing the gravity & importance of it, I would suggest to check at your end and then only form an opinion about it. Cosider also that it is election time in Bihar! May be a sabotage by some political party.
I am producing it in toto:--
WIKI LEAKS Published 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank...... The Top Most 24 members are.....(money is in CRORES)

 *17/9. BUY NIFTY above 7900. Tgt 7970, 8040,8100,8170 & 8230.
*13/9. BUY NIFTY, Bank Nifty, BHEL, REL. Infra only if they are trading above Nifty 7790, Bank Nifty 16630, Bhel 210.......

*8/9/2015.  B R E A K I N G    N E W S....
Why FIIS' leaving Indian Stock Market ?
What they know that has disturbed them about India's growth (VIKAAS) ?
Yes it is the story that they know of 

"Khaaunga bhee naahi aur Khaane bhee naahi dungaa". 

*This is the reason why BANK  NIFTY was the first INDEX among the world's Indices to give a long term S  E  L  L  signal.

*27/8. Buy Tata Steel above 225. Targets 234, 240 247. Buy NIFTY  above 7960.....tgts 8040, 8160 & 8280. Make tonnes of money.

*22/8. These markets have already given an EPIC long term SELL on  a yearly chart (EPIC BEAR market that has begun from 2015 will last till 2019).
*Bank Nifty 3/2015.,  NIFTY 5/2015 & now 22/8/2015;  
*Dow Jones 7/2015; NASDAQ 22/8/2015;  S&P 8/2015; 
*FTSE 8/2015;  
*Hang Seng 8/2015. Other market will follow the fate very soon.
 *USD INR  tgt. 70/72.30 in 2015.
*Mistake I’ve frequently made is participating in too many markets at one time, which leads to  sloppy trading.
I’ve also found that it’s my smallest positions that cause my biggest losses, because they tend to be neglected. It’s natural to be cautious and attentive to big positions. With the small positions, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being complacent. My awareness of this pitfall has made me more careful with such positions.
I realize that I’m only human, and that I’ll always make mistakes. I just try to make them less frequently, recognize them faster, and correct them immediately!

 *12/8. ONLY Our members are making tonnes of money every day because they trade with our  ONLY PROFIT PRECISE TRADING PIVOT POINTS......
*Nifty sold at 8180...7X00 in 2015. 
*Sold REC at 270. Tgt 252....... *Sold Mahindra 1440...tgt 1300.....11XX..9XX. *SOLD ARVIND at 317. TGT 282...1XX. *Tata Motor Sold at 430... TGT 380..3XX.
*NIFTY confirmed tgt 2015 7XXX............

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*10/8. Dow death cross is a bearish omen for the stock market
*A rare death-cross pattern has appeared in the chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, suggesting a new longer-term downtrend may have already started.

*26/7. Precise Pivot Point Targets for this week 
*Nifty fut. 8380, 8422,8464, sell8534, 8574, 8603,8645.
*ACC  1362, 1383,  1407,  1422, 1431, 1446

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 *16/7. Three close above 8720 will take NIFTY to 9000, 9300,....
*Buy Hexaware, Yes Bank & IOB.
*SELL Just Dial & Wipro.

*15/7. One of the most important thing in STOCK TRADING is to STAY HUMBLE. No one likes an EGO.
*Very true for 95% traders.
MOST of their losses are due to the FEAR of missing a trade and chasing a play.

*What triggered Indias' first stock market crash 150 years ago?

*Abraham Lincoln

*Jul 12, 2015,

*Sell Nifty, acc, amar raja, Bajaj auto, Biocon, bpcl, ceat, hdfc, Hdil 92. Tgt. 76, hul, Jsw st. MNM, mahfin, ongc, TCS, ubl, upl , zee. Sell only if trading Below FRIDAY'S close price.  

 *BUY boi, canbank, hexaware, idbi, jindal st. Star. SunPharma. Siemens. SouthIndianBank. Srf. Tech mahin. Ucobank. Buy them only if they are trading above Friday's close price.

 *5/7. Bearish PANCHAK. Sell NIFTY below 8480

*27/6. Yes our Monthly & Yearly Bulletin subscribers, Mega SMS clients & students are making consistent profit everyday trading with our NO LOSS ONLY PROFIT PRECISE PIVOT POINTS.

*27/7. URGENT & SERIOUS matter :How many of you know that due to the sudden changes in LAW relating to FD'S as per companies act 2013 these companies have defaulted in returning the FD money. They have become naked & FINANCE Ministry, Company Law Board & SEBI officials also not taking any action against these defaulters. The Companies & the Company Law Board has become NAKED 7 not returning the FD money of the poor investors.
1.Helios & Matheson, JPAssociates, Plethico Pharma, Unitech, Elder Pharma & so many public limited LISTED companies are involved in the fraud.
I am feeling ashamed to say that 90% of the companies listed in Indian Stock Exchanges have taken public money by fraud.
* MODIJI a PM with 56 inch chest will take action against these defaulters & will he force them to return Public money held as FDS' by these cheater companies ??
This happens in Mera Bharat Mahan.
And look at the stock price of these companies . Fallen by more then 80%  from the top.
* OUR FORCAST  FOR NIFTY is 3600 minimum target.

The 2008 crash was a warm up. ??? Are You Prepared For The Next Round Of The Financial Crisis? Many investors think that we could never have a crash again. The 2008 melt-down was a one in 100 years episode, they think. They are wrong. The 2008 Crisis was a stock and investment bank crisis. But it was not THE Crisis. THE Crisis concerns the biggest bubble in financial history: the epic Bond bubble… which as it stands is north of $100 trillion… although if you include the derivatives that trade based on bonds it’s more like $500 TRILLION. The Fed likes to act as though it’s concerned about stocks… but the real story is in bonds. Indeed, when you look at the Fed’s actions from the perspective of the bond market, everything suddenly becomes clear. 
Bonds are debt. A bond is created when a borrower borrows money from a lender. And at the top of the financial food chain are sovereign bonds like US Treasuries. These bonds are created when someone lends the US money. Why would they do this? Because the US SPENDS more money than it TAKES IN via taxes. So it issues debt to cover its extra expenses. This cycle continued for over 30 years until today, when the US has over $11 TRILLION in size. Because we never actually pay our debt off (or rarely do), what we do is ROLL OVER debt when it comes due, so that investors continue to receive interest payments but never actually get the money back…, because the US Government doesn’t have it… because it’s still spending more money than it takes in via taxes. 
This is why the Fed cut interest rates to zero and will likely do everything in its power to keep them low: even a small rise in interest rates makes all of this debt MORE expensive to pay off. 
This is also why the Fed had the regulators drop accounting standards for derivatives… because if banks and financial firms had to accurately value their hundreds of trillions of derivatives trades based on bonds, investors would be terrified at the amount of leverage and the margin calls would begin. The bond bubble is also why the Fed started its QE programs. Because by buying bonds, the Fed put a floor under Treasuries… which made investors less likely to dump bonds despite bonds offering such low rates of return. This is also why the Fed is terrified of deflation. Deflation makes future debt payments more expensive. So the Fed prefers inflation because it means the dollars used to pay off debt down the road will be cheaper than Dollars today. Again, when look at the Fed’s actions through the perspective of the bond market…everything becomes clear. 
The only problem is that by doing all of this, the Fed has only made the bond market even BIGGER. In 2008, the bond market was $82 trillion. Today it’s over $100 trillion. And the derivatives market, of which 80%+ of all trades are based on interest rates (Treasury yields), is at $700 TRILLION. 
The REAL Crisis will be when the bond bubble bursts. When this happens, it will be clear that real standards of living have been falling since the ‘70s and that sovereign nations have been papering over this through social spending and entitlements (a whopping 47% of US households receive Government benefits in some form). 
Imagine what will happen to the markets when the Western welfare states finally go broke? It will make 2008 look like a picnic.

*7/6. Bearish PANCHAK.  Nifty heading towards......7XXX.

& still we have to say Mera Bharat Mahan.

*4/6. Yes our Monthly & Yearly Bulletin subscribers, Mega SMS clients & students are making consistent profit everyday trading with our NO LOSS ONLY PROFIT PRECISE PIVOT POINTS.
*Get ready for one of the biggest ever ECONOMY ACCIDENT of the century that will shake the WORLD'S economy. INDIA is NOT out of the world & will be worst hit by the global meltdown because OUR GOVMNT & GOVERNORS are speculating in the stock market & the MODI magic has vanished.

*1/6. Magic of Monthly Pivot Points. Huge profit made by all subscibers.
*Traded in 20 lots in FUTURES
Larsen hits the target. Above 1667PP  BUY tgt 1695PP & 1713PP.Tgt achvd.
*HCL tech SELL below 1006 PP. Tgt 970 PP. Tgt achvd.
* Subscibers also traded in CALL  options of Larsen.

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28/5. Today our clients bought 20000 Nifty 8300 Put option at 7. SL 3. Tgt 40. Tgt achvd. 
They bought 20000 Nifty 8300 call option at 4. SL 2. Tgt 22. Tgt achvd.

  *Dear Sir,
      Great Work.....Wonderful Pivot Points.
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*12/5. Another feather in the cap. Nifty below 8244PP on the way to 8070PP....
Bank Nifty below 18170PP tgt 17655PP. Tgt achvd. Cipla below 676PP......tgt...
Nifty 8000 Put Option above 40PP tgt 65PP & 105PP. Tgts achvd.
Make sure shot trades in Intra day & positional.
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 *8/5. The magic of Intra Month Trading PPP.
on 7th our PP for Nifty fut below 8244 is 8070. It gave a close above our PP of 8070. Subscribers bought NIFTY heavily for the PP tgt. of 4244, Tgt was achvd on
 8th. *Canara Bank Pivots Points  364,354 & 337 on 8th below 364 it made a low of 339.
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Nifty above 8244 our first tgt 8418.
Nifty 8300 Put Op sell below 174 tgt 120..................... 
BUY CIPLA above 641 1st tgt 676. Buy 650 call op..........Made huge profit.
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*23/4 Warning! The Dow Will Plummet to 6,000

*21/4. Sell RIL,Rel Infra,DLF,IBreal etc. Sell everything. 
*Sell all Pharma companies as their 66 years of MINTING 10000% profit by selling cheap spurious drugs to Indian people has come to an end. 
*Watch Wockhardt going back to Rs.300.
*20/4. Take one more tgt Crude oil Buy tgt 3990. Sell Axis bank tgt 440.
*20/4. Dear Tushar Sir,
Once again your analysis proved you are right. How many times u will succeed like this giving Exact targets. Great Analyis. You have predicted this on 15.04.2015 itself.
Hats off to you. Do you target to close offices of all tips providers in India, by giving such accurate targets in advance.
Deepak kumar. Mysore

*15/4. Bearish PANCHAK  magic & MODI magic. 
*Nifty on the way to 8665 & 8550. Sell on a rise. Sell BHel tgt 222*15/4. BEST SELL on a rise Cipla,DLF, Jub Food, Just Dial, Lupin,LT, M&M, Sun Pharma & Wockhpharma.
*15/4. Bearish PANCHAK  magic & MODI magic. 
*Nifty on the way to 8665 & 8550. Sell on a rise. Sell BHel tgt 222. 
*14/4. Buy Amtek auto, Apollotyre & Idea Cell
*12/4. Buy Nifty tgt 8860.
*8/8. Once you eliminate the impossible,whatever remains,no matter how improbable,must be the truth~Sherlock Holmes;Arthur C Doyle.
*Buy Bajaj Auto .  Sell ACC
 *4/4. Today Shri Deep Trivedi, the catalyst of change, eminent psychologist has concluded successfully TAO TE CHING lectures on China's great philosopher LAO TZU.
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Dear Sir,
As per your analysis right, all tgt achieved in Nifty & Bank Nifty…………………Now @3.10PM

*15/3. Nifty on the way to 8340. Sell.
*Bank Nifty on the way to 18250. Sell.

Great analysis. Great prediction in 10 days advance you have given the tgt of Nifty & Bank Nifty, evnthough intraday upward movements does not sustain, finally your analysis is correct through out the country, all tips providers analysts giving the Tgt of 9000+ for nifty & 20000+ for Bank Nifty, once again this has been proved your analysis is perfect in this market.

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*4/3. *RBI. GOVERNOR move BOOMRANGS. Everyday is NOT Sunday..........but technical analysis is always superior...hence price will again start moving up........

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5. Buy 40 lots of Nifty at 8820. SL 8790. Tgt 8970. Tgt achvd.
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7. Buy 12 lots of ACC at 1652. Tgt 1674. Tgt achvd.
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*24/2. 1.Sell 12 lots of RIL at 854. Tgt 840. Tgt achvd.
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3. Buy 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 18750. Tgt 18850. Tgt achvd.  
4. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty 19020. Tgt 18800. Tgt achvd.

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4. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8860. Tgt 8793. Tgt achvd.
5. SELL 12 lots of RIL at 869. Tgt 850. Tgt achvd.

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3. Buy 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19050. Tgt 19250. Tgt achvd.
4. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19320. Tgt 19200. Tgt achvd.

*19/2. 1. Sell 8 lots of Tata Motor at 589. Tgt 581. Tgt achvd.
2. BUY Tata Motor 20 Lots of  580 Put op. at 7.......Tgt 11.....................
3. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19410. SL 19460. Tgt 19300. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 50 lots of Bank Nifty 19000 Put op at 145. Tgt 175. Tgt achvd.
5.Sell Axis Bank 10 lots at 574. Tgt 566......

 *18/2. 1. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19370. Tgt 19260. Tgt achvd.
2. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty 19450. Tgt 19350. Tgt achvd.
3. BUY  60 lots of Bank Nifty 19000 Put op at 139. Tgt 165. Tgt achvd.

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2.SELL 20 lots of Bank Nifty  at 19350.  NO SL .Tgt 19250. Tgt achvd.+50K
3. BUY 20 lots Bank Nifty at 19250. No SL tgt 19450. Tgt achvd.+100K
4. SELL 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19430. Tgt 19340. Tgt achvd.+45K
5. BUY 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19350. Tgt 19540. Tgt achvd. +95K
6. SELL 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19530. Tgt 19450.Tgt achvd. +40K

*11/2. 1. Buy 40 lots of Nifty at 8640. Tgt 8695. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8700 CALL Option at 86. SL 81. Tgt 107. Tgt achvd.
*3. Buy 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19060. Tgt 19070. Tgt achvd.

*10/2. 1. BPCL booked at 704.
2. Sell 10 lots of Axis bank at 570. Tgt 560. Tgt achvd. 
3. Buy 40 lots of Nifty at 8520. SL 8490. Tgt 8600. Tgt achvd.

*9/2. 1. BUY 10 lots of Cairn India at 255. Tgt 264................
2. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8620. Tgt 8555. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 18720. Tgt 18540. Tgt achvd.
4. Sell 8 lots of BPCL at 723. Tgt 707........................................................
 *6/2. 1. Sell 8 lots of BHEL at 275. Tgt 268. Tgt achvd.....
2. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19150. Tgt 18900. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8755. NO SL. Tgt 8705. Tgt achvd.
4. Sell Axis bank 10 lots at 567. Tgt 550. Tgt achvd.

*5/2.1. Sell 10 lots of Axis bank at 575. No SL. Tgt 561. Tgt achvd.
2.Sell 4 lots of HDIL at 110. NO SL. Tgt 105. Tgt achvd.
3. Buy 15 lots of BHEL 280 PUT option at 10.50. Tgt 15. Tgt achvd..............................
4. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8870. Tgt 8730. OUR MONTHLY NO LOSS STOP& REVERSE TGT achvd.
5. SELL 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19500. Tgt 19100. Tgt achvd.
6. BUY 3000 Nifty 8700 Put op at 95. SL 85. Tgt 140. Tgt achvd.
7.SELL 8 lots of TITAN INDS 430. Tgt 417. Tgt achvd.

2. SELL Nifty 40 lots at 8830. NO SL. Tgt 8770. Tgt achvd.
3.Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 19450 Monthly PP. Tgt 19300. Tgt achvd.
4. Sell 10 lots of Axis bank at 585. Tgt 570. Tgt achvd.
5.Sell 4 lots of HDIL at 113. Tgt 109. Tgt achvd.
6. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8820. NO SL. Tgt 8760 . Tgt achvd.
7. BUY 3000 Nifty 8700 Put op. at 102. Tgt 125. Tgt achvd.
*3/2. 1.Nifty 8700 Put op. tgt achvd.
1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8880. Tgt 8795. Tgt achvd.
2.sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty at 20000. Tgt 19610. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 8 lots of PFC at 304. Tgt 296. Tgt achvd.
4. Sell 4 lots of HDIL at 110.50. Tgt 105.5. Tgt achvd.
*5 Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8840. Tgt 8800. Tgt achvd.

 *2/2. It seems that RBI Governor has allowed BANKS' to pour NPA money (A LEDGER ENTRY ONLY???) to buy BANKING STOCKS......It can happen IN INDIA. ?????
1. Sell 8 lots of Arvind at 295. Tgt 287. Tgt achvd.
2.Buy 8 lots of PFC at 301. Tgt 308. Tgt achvd.
3. Bought 2000 Nifty 8700 Put option at 99. Tgt 120........................

*30/1. Buy 8 lots of PFC at 295. NO SL. tgt 302. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 8 lots of Arvind at 292. Tgt 300. Tgt achvd.
3. BUY 2000 Nifty 8700 PUT op at 84. SL 72. Tgt 115. Tgt achvd.
4. SELL 40 lots of Nifty at 8980. Below CP. SL 9000. Tgt 8870. Tgt achvd.

*29/1. 1. Buy 8 lots of PFC at 292. NO SL. Tgt 297.70. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 8 lots of Arvind Inds. at 280. Tgt 288. Tgt achvd...............................
*28/1. 1. Buy 8 lots of  REC at 327. Tgt 337. Tgt achvd.
2. BUY 10000 Nifty 8900 PUT option at 18. SL 12. Tgt 50. Tgt achvd.
3. SELL 40 lots of Nifty FEB. fut at 9050. SL 9070. Tgt 8950. Tgt achvd.
4. Sell 20 lots of Bank Nifty FEB fut. at 21000. SL 21050. Tgt 20700. Tgt achvd.

 *27/1. 1. Buy Nifty 40 lots at 8844. SL 8832. Tgt 8910. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy Bank Nifty 20 lots at 19300. SL 19260. Tgt 19600. Tgt achvd.
3.Buy 10 lots of Axis bank at 579. SL 574. Tgt 595. Tgt achvd.

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2. Sell 12 lots of TCS at 2530. Tgt 2505. Tgt achvd.
3. BUY 60 lots of Nifty at 8815. SL 8789. Tgt 8850. Tgt achvd.

 *22/1. Nifty achieves our target of 8790. What Next. To know subscibe today to our 2015 STB
*21/1. 1. Sell 10 lots of Tata Steel at 403. Tgt 395. Tgt achvd..
2. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8740. Tgt 8692....................
3. Sell 40 lots of Bank Nifty at 20000. Tgt 19860. Tgt achvd.
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1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8550. SL 8565. Target 8502. Tgt achvd.
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3. Sell 8 lots of Tata Steel at 466. SL 470. Tgt 457. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 15 lots of Tata Steel 460 Put op at 10. SL 8.40. Tgt 16. Tgt achvd.
5. Sell 8 lots of tata Motor at 332. SL 334. Tgt 323. Tgt achvd.
6. Sell IBRealest at 76. SL 77.30. Tgt 74. Tgt achvd.
***"If you trade just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you are doing you are bound to hit jackpots ..."

*27/11. What our trained clients had done in the MONTH of November.
When infosys was trading at 3900 on 29th October we had given a target of 4600 & for NIFTY trading at 8100 a tgt of 8650.
*1. Bought 20 lots of Infosys 4000 Nov.CALL op on 29/10 at 40. Sold it for 360 today.
*2. Bought 100 lots of NIFTY 8300  Nov.CALL OPTION on 29/10 at 40 & sold it for  260 on 24th.

*3 In last 3 to 4 days they bought CALL OPTIONS of BHEL,DLF,  EXIDE, HINDALCO, REL CAP, for JUST Rs.1 and sold it for 20, 12,10,10, 30 respectively. Collectively trained clients Rs.50,000 became Rs.8,20,000  only that too in just 4 days.
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* AND MOST IMPORTANTLY........before introducing  HOLY SRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA in the schools late the politicians work for the nation without any desire. Let them set an example.
*Tell all MP,MLA,Corporators to read the Gujrati novel 'GRAMYA LAKSHMI' written by shri. Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai.

****How much INDIA has progressed in 37 years.
*1977 Shri.Morarji R.Desai became PM.
1st thing on his agenda was drinking own URINE. A URINE THERAPY for HEALTHY INDIA.

*1998. Shri Atalji bacame PM. 
**The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee talking to the Journalists in Tokyo on
December 11, 2001.
The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee meeting with the Japanese Emperor Akihito in Tokyo on December 11, 2001.
 The fomer Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Yoshiro Mori called on the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajayee in Tokyo (Japan) on December 10, 2001.
 The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Omar Abdullah at the Renkoji Temple in Tokyo, (Japan) on December 9, 2001.
*****And the most famous story goes on.......
*Mr. Vajpayee was astonished & delighted to see the Japanese PM's lavish life style.
He asked him HOW??
Japan's PM  pointed his finger outside the window & said can you see all those Power Plants, Nuclear Reactors, Highways, Bridges,Dams.
*Shri. Atalji said yes he can see all those things. 
Japanese PM said ok what I have is 10%.

*****Shri. Atalji then invited Japan's PM to INDIA.
Japanese PM was almost fainted when he saw ATALJI's KING like high standard of living.
He could not resist asking HOW???
*Atalji smiled & replied by pointing his all fingers out of the window & said can you see all those, Nuclear Reactors, Power Plants, Dams, Bridges, Highways,Airports, 50 lakhs HOMES for poor & middle class., THE CLEAN HOLY RIVER GANGES. 
Japanese PM was puzzled. He said NO he can not see anything.
ALL that he can see is naked, under nourished,homeless INDIAN people roaming all around.
 *He said I am even feeling ashamed to look at them.
*Shri.ATALJI smiled & replied that is what I have is 100%.
*We give hope & dreams to our people & they are so happy with all promises that they spend their life dreaming of all those virtual things while we enjoy a KING like life.
*We tell them see stock market is rising so one day you will get the fruits of better/bitter economy.

*May 2014. Shri Narendrabhai Modi became PM. 

The first thing on his agenda is to construct URINALS/Toilets for clean INDIA.

SO in 37 years INDIA has progressed from Urine therapy to URINALS & TOILETS. 

Do you think INDIA needs nuclear technology????

Now he is also on a visit to JAPAN. Why??? 
*To know where their PM parks his funds,, because SWISS banks are risky now.*Do you know the secret.Japan's PM has thrown a googly.He knew that AHMDABAD people are very good at managing own as well as others money.*Simple so he is parking his funds in INDIA for better mutual tie up.

Stock market is rising everyday. Market cap is rising...BUT  this rising market cap will provide clothes,shelter & nutritive food to the Poor INDIANS or will it wipe of POOR (not poverty) & middle class HINDUS for ever.
I think AMBANIS have answer for these.
Like queen of FRANCE they may suggest every INDIAN family should play 20:20 cricket & there won't be any poverty in the country?????? 
And if this does not work every Indian family should have ONE CORRUPTED POLITICIAN in the family. Simple solution to wipe off POVERTY.

*TUSHAR Bhaishankar Vaishnav,   Neeta Vaishnav.
ICICI Bank. Andheri (West) Branch. Mumbai. 
SB A/c No.001101531457. IFSC Code: ICIC0000011.

*Please contact me on OR Whatsapp 9869902649 OR on whatsApp  8108398381.

DISCLAIMER :Trading & investing in stock market and in Forex market is highly risky. We take no responsibility of any kind for any of our suggestions & writing. . The clients, subscribers, traders & investors are trading & investing totally at their own risk. The stock market, cash & F&O trading has infinite risk where one can lose the invested capital & can run into further heavy losses too. We do not give any guarantee for any of our writing, price targets, educational programmes & for any statement related to stock market & trading. Trading & Investing in stock market is highly risky business & can cause huge financial loss. We are not responsible for any of your actions that may be based on our suggestions. We do not give any performance guarantee.

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