Sunday, January 4, 2015

*5th January, 2015.
(The only TRUTH of life. Surrender to him).

*1/1. FREE....FREE......Buy Nifty fut above 8380 for a tgt of 8480.......5t Jan Tgt achvd.
Was it a MANIPULATION or precise Technical Analysis. ?????

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*Keep an eye on Nifty fut.price 8000.....below that there will be a blood bath. 
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*No more COACHING service from 1st January, 2015.
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*26/12/2014.....Here is a caution as we say good bye to a extremely BULLISH year that the SECULAR BEAR market is NOT OVER yet.
*Does the fact that the current cyclical bull market has broken out to higher highs indicate that this secular bear market ended in 2009, only nine years after it began in 2000?
To believe that it is already over, we would first have to believe the two recessions and two cyclical bear markets between 2000 and 2009 took care of all the previous excesses, that there are no serious leftover economic problems left.
We know that it took 17 years of repeated cyclical bear markets in previous problem periods, like during the secular bear markets of 1901-1921, 1929-1949, and 1965-1982, before all the excesses of the previous good times were worked out of the system and the economy and surrounding conditions were returned to normal. 
Even more dubious, we would have to believe that the government’s massive efforts to rescue the economy from the 2008 meltdown did not create additional excesses and abnormalities.
Yet we know, for example, that among other distortions, the easy money policies and rescue efforts created a massive debt bubble. Federal debt is at all-time record levels.
And thanks to its massive QE programs, the Federal Reserve itself has more than five times the normal amount of assets and liabilities on its balance sheet, now at $4.4 trillion.
Then we need to realize the basic problems that created the 2008 crisis, excessive greed and risk-taking by major ‘too big to fail’ banks and financial institutions, have certainly not been corrected. That will apparently take yet another scare.
Congressional investigations after the 2008 crisis led to serious proposals to bring financial institutions under control. However, financial institutions knew from experience over many decades that investors have short memories.
So here we are, still waiting for financial reforms. The promising Dodd-Frank reform act was significantly watered down before finally being signed into law in July 2010.
Furthermore, a number of its most important aspects have yet to be implemented. And in the final hours of its budget battle, Congress added a rider to the budget bill which eliminates derivatives restrictions.
There were already enough problems and excesses, particularly related to the debt bubble, to ensure that the secular bear market that began in 2000 still has more downturns ahead before its work is done.
The actions of regulators and Congress, delaying action, or restoring the tools for major financial institutions to wreak their havoc again, virtually guarantee that to be so. Yet another scare will be needed to hopefully bring those needed reforms.
Enjoy the cyclical bull market as long as it lasts. But don’t become confident and complacent as in 2000 and 2007, convinced that all is well again. The secular bear has not ended yet.

 * We wish MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR trained members & well wishers.
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*This month DECEMBER 2014 NIFTY tgts.
7954,  8086,  8200 a,   8296 b,   8368 c,   8508 d,   8558 e,  8638 f,   8720 g,   8768 h.
Actual high made 8660 & Low 8008. Great success story.
Tata Steel tgts. 
380 a,  394 b,  404 c,  419 d,  436 e,  450 f,   460 g,  475 h, 490 i,  500 j.
Actual high made 475 & Low 388.

You will learn Pivot Point calculations, STOP LOSS & Money management.
Intra day sure profit trading techniques with wt. average. Importance of 52 week high/low.
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Free Monthly sure targets bulletin for 3 months.
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  *3/1. 1. Buy 5000 Nifty 8500 Call option at 83. Tgt 96. Tgt achvd. +65K
2. Sell 1500 Nifty at 8487. Tgt 8437. Tgt achvd. +75K
3. Buy 5000 Nifty 8300 PUT option at 48. Tgt 60. Tgt achvd. +60K
4. Buy 30 lots of Tata Steel at 420 CALL opat 11.50. Tgt 14.50. Tgt achvd. +45K

*2/1. 1. Buy 50 lots of Nifty at 8380. NO SL. Tgt 8480........
2. Buy 10,000 Nifty 8500 Call option at 61. Booked at 94. + 3.30 lacs.
3. BUY 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 18930. Tgt 18250. Tgt achvd. +4 lacs
4. Buy 50 lots of Bank Nifty 19500 Call option at 160. Tgt 260. Tgt achvd. +1.20
 5. SSLT tgt 225. achvd. +80,000

***Call given on 31/12. Buy 20 lots of TCS 2600 Call option at 52. No SL. tgt 67.00....Booked  today at 75 with trailing SL. +57,500.  *Small traders are crying.

*1/1/2015. 1. Buy 10 lots of Andhra Bank at 96. NO SL Tgt 100. Tgt achvd. Profit 1.6 lacs.
2.Buy 20 lots of Andhra bank 95 CALL option at 5.20. Booked at 8.80. +2.88 lacs.

 3. Buy 10 lots of SSLT at 217. Tgt. 225........................

  *31/12. 1. Buy 20 lots of TCS at 2552. No SL. Target 2575. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 20 lots of TCS 2600 Call option at 52. No SL. tgt 67.00.........

 *30/12. What a great day for all our HIGH networth client.
*Nifty call option of 8500 SL 50 triggered.
* Tata Steel SELL call tgt. 405 achvd.
*1. SELL 12 lots of Tata Steel at 407. SL 410. Tgt 399. Tgt achvd.
*2. Buy 16 lots of TCS 2600 Call option at 56. SL 51. Tgt 67. SL triggered.
*3. Sell 16 lots of TCS at 2560. SL 2564. Tgt 2540. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 10 lots of Andhra bank at 93. NO SL. Tgt 95.80.........31/12. Booked at 95.50.
5. Buy 10 lots of Andhra bank 95 call option at 3.20. NO SL. Tgt.4.70. tgt achvd.
6. Buy 10,000 Nifty 8500 call option at 46.50 SL 44. Tgt 55. Tgt achvd.

*29/12. 1.Sell Tata Steel 10 lots at 413. SL 416. Tgt 405.......30/12. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8500 Call option at 59. SL 50. Tgt 72........30/12. SL triggered

*26/12. 1. SELL 40 lots of Nifty at 8290. SL 8310. Tgt 8230. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8100  put op at 75. SL 67. Tgt 97. Tgt achvd.

*24/12. 1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8275. SL 8290. Tgt. 8225. Tgt achvd.
2. Sell 40 lots of Nifty again at 8445. SL 8460. Tgt 8190. Tgt achvd.
3. Buy 3000 Nifty JAN. 8100 Put op at  63. SL 56. Tgt 78. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 10000 Nifty 8300 Put op. at 50. SL 40. Tgt 70. Tgt achvd.
5. Buy 20000 Nifty 8250 Put op at 30. SL 20. Tgt 50. Tgt achvd.
*Buy again 20000 Nifty 8250 Put option 35. SL 25....booked at 75...with a trailing stop loss.
6. Buy 50000 Nifty 8200 Put op at 1.00. Booked at 25 with trailing SL.( Made High/low 0.40/28. a 7000% appreciation  from 2.30pm to 3.30pm )

*23/12. 1. Buy Nifty 40 lots at 8330. Sl 8322. Tgt 8368. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8300 Call option at 48. SL 42. Tgt 68. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8365. SL 8375. Tgt booked at 8280 with trailing sl.
4. Buy 3000 Nifty 8300 Put option at 14. SL 7. Tgt booked at 46 with trailing SL.

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1.BUY 40 LOTS OF NIFTY AT 8260. sl 8245.TGT 8307 & 8345. Tgt achvd.....Next tgt is 8368,8415 & 8508. Tgts are there in front of you But you are focused on something else. 
Learn how to remain focused on the price to make consistent profit..
2. Buy 3000 Nifty Jan. 8500 CALL option at 69. SL 62. Tgt 85. Booked at 93 with trailing sl.
3. Buy 20000 Nifty 8300 Call option at 17. SL 10. Tgt 35. Booked at 53 with trailing SL.
4. Buy 3000 Bank Nifty 19000 CALL option at 14. SL 5. Tgt 30..booked at 44 with trailing SL. 
*5. Buy 30 lots of Jindal Steel 150 Call op. at 1.20. Tgt.....3.50............
6. Buy CanBank 15 lots of 440 Call option at 4. Tgt....12.........

 **22/12.   1.SUPER MSMS. BUY 1lac Nifty 8350 CALL option at 7. SL 3. Tgt 25. Tgt achvd. Next tgt is 60..........
*2. SUPER MSMS Buy 20,000 Nifty 8500 Call op. at 70. SL 62.  Booked 10,000 at 92.......Tgt.....115.

*18/12. 1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8160. SL 8167. Tgt 8115. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8100 Put Option at 29. SL 25. Tgt 50. Tgt achvd.
3. Buy 40 lots of Nifty at 8125. SL 8105. Tgt   8175. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 3000 Nifty 8100 Call op. at 70. SL. 60. Tgt 90. tgt achvd.
5. Sell 8 lots of Voltas at 248. SL 250. Tgt 241. Tgt achvd.

*17/12. 1. Sell 1000 Nifty at 8090. Tgt 8020. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8000 PUT option at 49. SL 43. Tgt. 75. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 4000 Tata Steel at 400. Tgt 390. Tgt achvd.
4. BUY 8000 Tata St.410 PUT op. at 16. Tgt 22. Tgt achvd.
5. Sell Tata Motor 4000 at 483. SL 487. Tgt 472. Tgt achvd.
6. Sell 8000 Voltas at 247. SL 250. Tgt 240. Tgt achvd.
7. BUY 3000 Nifty 8100 CALL OPTION at 45. SL 40. Tgt 65. Tgt achvd.
8. BUY 3000 Nifty 8100 PUT option at 36. SL 32. Tgt 52. Tgt achvd.

*16/12. 1. SELL 1000 Nifty at 8199. Tgt 8130. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8200 Put option at 65. SL. 55. Tgt....booked at 125 with trailing stop loss.
3. Sell 4000 Tata Steel at 402. SL 405. Tgt 390. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 8000 Tata Steel 410 Put option at 15. SL 13. Tgt 21. Tgt achvd.
5. Sell 10000 ICICI bank at 339. SL 343. Tgt 332. Tgt achvd.
6. SELL 10000  DLF at 145. SL 147. Tgt 139. Tgt achvd.
7. Buy 20000 DLF 150 PUT option at 8.5. SL 7. Tgt 12. Tgt achvd.

 *15/12. 1. Sell 6 lots of DLF at 153. Tgt 147. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 12 lots of DLF 150 PUT option at 4.50. Tgt 7.60. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 10 lots of Tata Steel at 409. SL 412. Tgt 399. Tgt achvd.
4. BUY 20 lots of Tata St. 410 Put op. at 13. Tgt 18. Tgt achvd.

 *12/12. 1. SELL 40 lots of Nifty at 8340. SL 8360. Tgt 8392. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 3000 Nifty 8300 PUT option at 48. SL 43. Tgt 65. Tgt achvd. High made 92.
3. Sell 8 lots of Tata Steel at 422. SL 426. Tgt 410. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 15 lots of Tata St. 420 put option at 11. SL 9.80. Tgt 17. Tgt achvd
5. Sell 6 lots of SUN TV at 378. SL 384. Tgt 368 & 351. Tgts achvd.

*11/12. 1. 10/12....8350 Put Option booked at 85.
2. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8370. Tgt 8325. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 8 lots of Tata Steel at 434. SL 437. Tgt 422. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy Tata Steel 15 lots of 440 Put option at 14. SL 12. Tgt 20. Tgt achvd.
5. Sell 5 lots of IB real at 72. SL 75. Tgt 69.50. Tgt achvd.
6. BUY 3000 NIFTY 8400 CALL OPTION at 44. SL 40. Tgt 60. Tgt achvd.

 *10/12. 1. Sell Tata st 8 lots at 442. SL 445. Tgt. 430. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 15 lots of Tata St 450 Put Option at 18. SL 16. Tgt 24. Tgt achvd.
3. Buy 8 lots of Tata Motor at 500. SL 495. Tgt 512. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 3000 Nifty 8350 Put op. at 45.  SL 41.Tgt 60.............................11/12...booked at 85.

9/12. *FREE for those suspicious souls.......
Sell  Apollo tyre, Bank Nifty, Jubilant Food & Tata Com for huge profit. 
*Become a trained client before the water rises above the head.
*Create wealth on your own by learning the PRACTICAL aspects of Technical Analysis & beyond.

*9/12. 1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8460. SL 8480. Tgt 8401. Tgt achvd.
2.Buy 3000 Nifty 8400 Put option at 55. SL 48. Tgt 70. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 8 lots of Tata Steel at 450. SL 454. Tgt 438. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 16 lots of Tata St. 460 Put option at 18. Tgt 25. Tgt achvd.
5. Sell 5 lots of India Bulls Realest. at 74. SL 75.20. Tgt 71.50. Tgt achvd.
6. Sell 8 lots of tata Motor at 519. SL 524. Tgt 508. Tgt achvd.

*8/12. FREE for all.
SELL....SELL  NIFTY, Bank Nifty,Adani Ports, BPCL, Bhel, DLF, Federal bank,
HCLtech, Hexaware,  HPCL,  IB real  ( Our TRAINED CLIENTS are holding SELL position from Rs.80. & PUT option of 80. For target become a Trained Client ), JSW steel, LT, M&M, PFC, REC, Tata Motor, Tata Steel, Wipro. 

*8/12. All OUR TRAINED  CLIENTS  made huge profit  by BUYING PUT OPTIONS
1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8550. SL 8565. Target 8502. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 100 lots of Nifty 8400 Put option at 27. SL 24. Tgt 40. tgt achvd.
3. Sell 8 lots of Tata Steel at 466. SL 470. Tgt 457. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 15 lots of Tata Steel 460 Put op at 10. SL 8.40. Tgt 16. Tgt achvd.
5. Sell 8 lots of tata Motor at 332. SL 334. Tgt 323. Tgt achvd.
6. Sell IBRealest at 76. SL 77.30. Tgt 74. Tgt achvd.

*2/12. . 1. Buy 5 lots of Exide at 169. SL 167. Tgt 174. Tgt achvd.
2. Buy 10 lots of Exide 170 Call Option at 6. Tgt 9. Tgt achvd.
3. Buy KTK bank 5 lots at 146. Tgt 152. Tgt achvd.
4. Buy 10 lots of Exide 150 Call option at 4.50. Tgt 7. Tgt achvd.

 *1/12. 1. Sell 40 lots of Nifty at 8645. SL 8661. Tgt 8502. Tgt achvd.
2. Sell 8 kots of Arvind Ltd at 283. SL 287. Tgt 277. Tgt achvd.
3. Sell 8 lots of Sun TV at 322. SL 327. Tgt 315. Tgt achvd.

***"If you trade just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you are doing you are bound to hit jackpots ..."

*27/11. What our trained clients had done in the MONTH of November.
When infosys was trading at 3900 on 29th October we had given a target of 4600 & for NIFTY trading at 8100 a tgt of 8650.
*1. Bought 20 lots of Infosys 4000 Nov.CALL op on 29/10 at 40. Sold it for 360 today.
*2. Bought 100 lots of NIFTY 8300  Nov.CALL OPTION on 29/10 at 40 & sold it for  260 on 24th.

*3 In last 3 to 4 days they bought CALL OPTIONS of BHEL,DLF,  EXIDE, HINDALCO, REL CAP, for JUST Rs.1 and sold it for 20, 12,10,10, 30 respectively. Collectively trained clients Rs.50,000 became Rs.8,20,000  only that too in just 4 days.
BECOME a TRAINED CLIENT and grab such least risk & High Rewards
 opportunities on your own, GUARANTEED.
From a student to a worker, a laymen & a house wife as well as expert traders can also become a

*We wish all our readers & well wishers a VERY HAPPY DEEPAWALI and a very HAPPY & Prosperous Hindu New Year VIKRAM SAMVAT 2071.

* AND MOST IMPORTANTLY........before introducing  HOLY SRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA in the schools late the politicians work for the nation without any desire. Let them set an example.
*Tell all MP,MLA,Corporators to read the Gujrati novel 'GRAMYA LAKSHMI' written by shri. Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai.

****How much INDIA has progressed in 37 years.
*1977 Shri.Morarji R.Desai became PM.
1st thing on his agenda was drinking own URINE. A URINE THERAPY for HEALTHY INDIA.

*1998. Shri Atalji bacame PM. 
**The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee talking to the Journalists in Tokyo on
December 11, 2001.
The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee meeting with the Japanese Emperor Akihito in Tokyo on December 11, 2001.

 The fomer Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Yoshiro Mori called on the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajayee in Tokyo (Japan) on December 10, 2001.
 The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Omar Abdullah at the Renkoji Temple in Tokyo, (Japan) on December 9, 2001.
*****And the most famous story goes on.......
*Mr. Vajpayee was astonished & delighted to see the Japanese PM's lavish life style.
He asked him HOW??
Japan's PM  pointed his finger outside the window & said can you see all those Power Plants, Nuclear Reactors, Highways, Bridges,Dams.
*Shri. Atalji said yes he can see all those things. 
Japanese PM said ok what I have is 10%.

*****Shri. Atalji then invited Japan's PM to INDIA.
Japanese PM was almost fainted when he saw ATALJI's KING like high standard of living.
He could not resist asking HOW???
*Atalji smiled & replied by pointing his all fingers out of the window & said can you see all those, Nuclear Reactors, Power Plants, Dams, Bridges, Highways,Airports, 50 lakhs HOMES for poor & middle class., THE CLEAN HOLY RIVER GANGES. 
Japanese PM was puzzled. He said NO he can not see anything.
ALL that he can see is naked, under nourished,homeless INDIAN people roaming all around.
 *He said I am even feeling ashamed to look at them.
*Shri.ATALJI smiled & replied that is what I have is 100%.
*We give hope & dreams to our people & they are so happy with all promises that they spend their life dreaming of all those virtual things while we enjoy a KING like life.
*We tell them see stock market is rising so one day you will get the fruits of better/bitter economy.

*May 2014. Shri Narendrabhai Modi became PM. 

The first thing on his agenda is to construct URINALS/Toilets for clean INDIA.

SO in 37 years INDIA has progressed from Urine therapy to URINALS & TOILETS. 

Do you think INDIA needs nuclear technology????

Now he is also on a visit to JAPAN. Why??? 
*To know where their PM parks his funds,, because SWISS banks are risky now.*Do you know the secret.Japan's PM has thrown a googly.He knew that AHMDABAD people are very good at managing own as well as others money.*Simple so he is parking his funds in INDIA for better mutual tie up.

Stock market is rising everyday. Market cap is rising...BUT  this rising market cap will provide clothes,shelter & nutritive food to the Poor INDIANS or will it wipe of POOR (not poverty) & middle class HINDUS for ever.
I think AMBANIS have answer for these.
Like queen of FRANCE they may suggest every INDIAN family should play 20:20 cricket & there won't be any poverty in the country?????? 
And if this does not work every Indian family should have ONE CORRUPTED POLITICIAN in the family. Simple solution to wipe off POVERTY.

*Please contact me on OR 9869902649 OR on whatsApp 8108398381.

DISCLAIMER :Trading & investing in stock market and in Forex market is highly risky. We take no responsibility of any kind for any of our suggestions & writing. . The clients, subscribers, traders & investors are trading & investing totally at their own risk. The stock market, cash & F&O trading has infinite risk where one can lose the invested capital & can run into further heavy losses too. We do not give any guarantee for any of our writing, price targets, educational programmes & for any statement related to stock market & trading. Trading & Investing in stock market is highly risky business & can cause huge financial loss. We are not responsible for any of your actions that may be based on our suggestions. We do not give any performance guarantee.

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