Wednesday, September 3, 2014

*3rd September,  2014.

****How much INDIA has progressed in 37 years.

*1977 Shri.Morarji R.Desai became PM.
1st thing on his agenda was drinking own URINE. A URINE THERAPY for HEALTHY INDIA.

*1998. Shri Atalji bacame PM. 
**The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee talking to the Journalists in Tokyo on
December 11, 2001.
The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee meeting with the Japanese Emperor Akihito in Tokyo on December 11, 2001.

 The fomer Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Yoshiro Mori called on the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajayee in Tokyo (Japan) on December 10, 2001.
 The Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Omar Abdullah at the Renkoji Temple in Tokyo, (Japan) on December 9, 2001.
*****And the most famous story goes on.......
*Mr. Vajpayee was astonished & delighted to see the Japanese PM's lavish life style.
He asked him HOW??
Japan's PM  pointed his finger outside the window & said can you see all those Power Plants, Nuclear Reactors, Highways, Bridges,Dams.
*Shri. Atalji said yes he can see all those things. 
Japanese PM said ok what I have is 10%.
*****Shri. Atalji then invited Japan's PM to INDIA.
Japanese PM was almost fainted when he saw ATALJI's KING like high standard of living.
He could not resist asking HOW???
*Atalji smiled & replied by pointing his all fingers out of the window & said can you see all those, Nuclear Reactors, Power Plants, Dams, Bridges, Highways,Airports, 50 lakhs HOMES for poor & middle class., THE CLEAN HOLY RIVER GANGES. 
Japanese PM was puzzled. He said NO he can not see anything.
ALL that he can see is naked, under nourished,homeless INDIAN people roaming all around.
 *He said I am even feeling ashamed to look at them.
*Shri.ATALJI smiled & replied that is what I have is 100%.
*We give hope & dreams to our people & they are so happy with all promises that they spend their life dreaming of all those virtual things while we enjoy a KING like life.
*We tell them see stock market is rising so one day you will get the fruits of better/bitter economy.

*May 2014. Shri Narendrabhai Modi became PM. 

The first thing on his agenda is to construct URINALS/Toilets for clean INDIA.
SO in 37 years INDIA has progressed from Urine therapy to URINALS & TOILETS. 
Do you think INDIA needs nuclear technology????

Now he is also on a visit to JAPAN. Why??? 
*To know where their PM parks his funds,, because SWISS banks are risky now.
*Do you know the secret.
Japan's PM has thrown a googly.
He knew that AHMDABAD people are very good at managing own as well as others money.
*Simple so he is parking his funds in INDIA for better mutual tie up.

Stock market is rising everyday. Market cap is rising...BUT  this rising market cap will provide clothes,shelter & nutritive food to the Poor INDIANS or will it wipe of POOR (not poverty) & middle class HINDUS for ever.
I think AMBANIS have answer for these.
Like queen of FRANCE they may suggest every INDIAN family should play 20:20 cricket & there won't be any poverty in the country?????? 
And if this does not work every Indian family should have ONE CORRUPTED POLITICIAN in the family. Simple solution to wipe off POVERTY.

*3/9. Buy L&T at 1600. Tgt 1640. Buy RIL at 1030. Tgt 1058.
*SELLLLLLLLLL.......NIFTYYYYYYYY......on a rise. Tgt..................
*2/9. Buy Biocon tgt 510. Buy Tinplate tgt 90.

*****1/9. Warning bell BUY  nifty till it reaches STRONGEST RESI. of 8200. SELL here mercilessly.
 *1/9. Buy Andhra bank 78. Tgt 87. Buy Apollo tyre 180. Tgt 192. Buy IDEA 167. Tgt 178.

*29/8. Wish you all a very happy Shri Ganesh Chaturthee.
*29/8. Once again we are writing to SELL ALL on NIFTY fut below 7986 & below 7860. Tgt 7585, 7400, 7200.
*Buy Schneider 131. Tgt 147. Buy SCI 60. Tgt.70,80.

* TEN F&O  sms intra day calls with entry target & exit target for Rs.10,000 only for our PRIVILEGED clients.

*Before 2014 Parliamentary election.


 * After 25/5/2014.  Beek chuka hai bharat aab to bacha kucha toilet ke naam par main bhee le jaunga taab chen ki neend sounga.
 *50 lakh ghar kaa sapna maine bhee dikhaya hai longo ko....lekin wo 50 lakh ghar honge TV aur film sitaroen ke liye. Maanat banega,Antilia Banega, Lalit Modi stadium banega, Adani palace banega....MP,MLA,Corporatoro ke mahal baanege. FII ke baade awas banege.
Nanga, Bhukha Bharat mein Middle class ka naam nishan mit jayega.

*26/8. Today Booked Nifty exactly at 7872. What more accuracy do you want.
*SELL Adani Power, ACC & Asian Paints.
BUY Century Ply 90. Tgt 103., Buy EID perry 213. Tgt 230., Buy Greaves cotton 130. Tgt 145.

*24/8. Advance Call.  *Buy Bata, Cairn & Divi's Lab.
*SELL NIFTY fut. Tgt 7872.

 *21/8. Buy Indian bank 153. Tgt 170. Buy Union bank 213. Tgt 232.
*Buy Shanti Gear 99. Tgt 115.
*Sell ACC & Adani entp.

*20/8. * Buy Ranbaxy & Kotak Mah. Bank tgt 1040.

 *18/8. *BUY ICICI bank tgt 1580/1600.
*Buy Bank Nifty tgt 15680, 16000.


*Wish you all a very happy Independence Day.
*Pledge to SELL NIFTY at 7875 to 7955 for the tgt of 7200 & 6850.
*Stimulus are going to harm world economy to an irreversible state. 
*15/8. Mr.PM has given toilets for all.......BUT where the waste will go??. There is no drainage/disposal system in the villages. Even cities like Mumbai lack in proper drainage & waste disposal system & that is why even the so called POSH areas STINK. The whole India stinks from pollution & now with festivals coming there will be unbearable NOISE pollution.
*First teach all these basic requirements to all politicians & then to all the citizens.

***Yes with this announcement NIFTY may rise for a day or two on the assumption that Mr.PM delivers. 
*But it is highly shameful to know that in 21st century in PM's own village VADNAGAR where our KULA DEVTA LORD SHRI HATKESH temple is located there is NO TOILET facility.

* This is 2nd time we are recommending to BUY  SANITATION STOCKS. Last time we mentioned it when Minister Mr.Ahuliwalia had spent Rs.35 lacs on his TOILET.

*5/8. Please hold on to your SELL ALL positions for mind blowing profit.
*Nifty  1st tgt.7200,  2nd tgt. 6850 & so on & on till.............all the media & finance experts yells SELL.

****30/7.  SELL all in AUGUST  series futures.


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