Sunday, April 6, 2014

*7th APRIL,  2014.

Dear Sir,

WISH YOU HAPPY UGADI NEW YEAR -2014. To you & your Family.

Wish you success IN all calls provided by you & all your Members & followers be happy by benefiting from your all TYPES OF calls.
We are always rocking with your sms calls & monthly bulletin.

  What we love most is that there is no ifs & buts in your analysis. ONLY Precise targets that are always achieved.


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 *These 3 months volatility will be equivalent to 3 years volatility.
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 *7/4. *Breaking News : 
*Caution  Top Global group of Mafias+Politicians+Industrialist have started selling heavily.
*Please do not get carried away by *Modi wave.
*Speculative markets does not care for any mafias, corrupt political leaders & GREADY Businessmen. 
*Pl. do not keep any BUYING  open positions at the end of the day.

*7/4. *Bought 10000 Nifty 6600 PUT option at 29. SL 25. Booked at 39.
*Sold 8000 Jindal st. at 300. SL 306. Bought at 290.
*Bought 10000 Nifty 6800 Call Op. at 37. Sl 33. Target 47.........  
 *4/4. Bought 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 12550. Booked at 12640.
*Bought 14000 Adani ent 360 Call Option at 17. Sl.14. Booked at 24.
*Bought 4000 SBI 2000 Call Op. at 23. SL. 16.  Target .............*7/4. Booked at 29.
*Bought 20,000 Nifty 6800 Call op. at 53. Target .........................*7/4. Booked at 60.

 *3/4. Bought 10000 Biocon at 437. Booked at 444. Now buy only above 449.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6600 Put Op. at 33. SL 26. Booked at 42.
Booked Ashok leyland at 23.85.
*Bought 5000 Nifty 6900 Call op at 30. SL 24...Target 39. Bought more 15000 at 28.  
Booked all at 36.50
*Bought 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 12615. Booked  at 12680.

*2/4. Bought 10,000 Biocon at  436. Target 442.90.Target achvd.
Buy again above 445. Target 460,470.
*Bought 10,000 ZEEL at 278. Target 284,287. *3/4. Booked at 280.

*Bought 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 12620. SL 12585. Booked at 12800.
*Bought 20 lots of SBI at 1900. SL 1890. Booked at 1943.
*Bought  3000 Bank Nifty 13500 call op. at 60. SL 52. Booked at 95.
*Bought 25000 Nifty 6900 call op. at 34. SL 31. Booked at 45.
*Booked 14000 Adani ent 360 call op at 26.  *1/4. *Bought 20000 Nifty 6900 Call Option at 31. Booked at 38.
*Bought 100 lots of Bank Nifty at 12610. Booked at 12680.
*Bought 5000 SBI 2000 Call Option at 26. Target ................................38. 2/4.Target achvd.

*31/3. *Sold 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 12910. Booked at 12800.
*Bought 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 12780.  1/4. Booked at 12850
*Sold 2500 Just Dial at 1630. Booked at 1565.
*Bought 1,50,000 AshoK Leyland at 22.90. Target.................................28. 3/4. Booked at 23.85
*Bought 25000 Nifty 6500 PUT option at 36. SL 32. Booked at 44.
*Bought 50 lots of Nifty at 6712. target....1/4. Booked at 6760.
*Bought 25,000 Nifty 6900 Call Option  at 41. SL 38. Booked at 49.

*30/3. Advance Guaranteed Call.
 *Buy,Buy Ahok Leyland,NTPC, Buy anything, even dirtiest stocks like HDIL,Jaiprakash,IBreal,,Adani ent..
You will make tonnes of money in 6 trading days.

*28/3. SOLD 50 lots of Bank Nifty at 12830. Booked at 12740.
*SOLD 10 lots of HDFC at 881. Booked at 866. 

*********BOUGHT 15 lots of Adani Entp at 337. Booked at 349.
 KEEP. .buying this stock till 10th May... can move up to 400/420....& then after  16th May 200.
*Bought 30000 Adani Entp. 360 CALL option at 12. SL9. Booked 16000 at 19.
2/4. Booked 14000 at 26.
****Buy, Buy, Buy...

  *27/3. *TCS (26/3) target achieved.
*BUY 5000 SBI 1800 Call option at 10. Booked at 48.
*Buy 1,00,000 Nifty 6650 Call Option at 2.50. Booked at 10.
*Buy again 50000 Nifty 6650 Call Option at 6.50. SL 3. Booked at 25.
*Buy 30000 Nifty 6600 Call Option at 20. Booked at 47.
*Buy again 15000 Nifty 6600 Call option at 37. SL31. Booked at 73.

*BUY 20000 Nifty 6700 Put Option at 21. SL 17. Booked at 55. 
*SOLD Bank Nifty April Fut.50 lots at 12850. Booked at 12720.

* Join any of our PLANS before 10th APRIL & earn tonnes of money in 2014 uninterrupted.
Only TUSHAR'S Research can take you to where your dreams want you to be.

*26/3. 9.30am. ADVANCE CALLS. 
*Sold 20 lots of TCS at 1404. Target 1382.. Advance Call *27/3. Target achvd.
*Sold 20 lots of TCS  at 2145. Target 2105.  Advance call Target Achvd.
*SOLD 50 lots NIFTY April fut at 6686. Target 6630.
*SOLD 50 lots Bank Nifty APRIL fut at 12670. Target 12520.
*Bought 50000 Nifty 6600 PUT option at 13. SL 10. Booked at 26.

 *24/3. NIFTY on the way to 6685 & 6875. BANK NIFTY on the way to 12680 & 13380.

*24/3.  SOLD 20 lots of Tata Steel at 365. Booked at 357.
*SOLD 20 lots of HCL tech at 1450. Booked at 1415.
 *Bought 20000 Tata Steel 360 Put Option at 3.50. Booked at 7.50.
*Bought 20 lots of HCL  tech 1440 Put Option at 16. Booked at 33.
*Bought 30000 Nifty 6600 Call Option at 24. Booked at 37.
Bought 30000 Nifty 6600 Call Option at 30. Booked at 42.

 *21/3. Bought 20000 Nifty 6500 Put Option at 33. Booked at 40.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6500 Put Option at 30. Booked at 37.
*Sold 2500 Nifty at 6530. Target 6470......
*Sold 25 lots of TCS at 2150. Target 2103. 

 **BIGGEST BREAKING Insider NEWS of 2014.

*Make tonnes of money Rs.10 lacs to 10,20,30 Crore in 2014. Guaranteed. Join any of our 1 to 6 PLANS.
*Great news for our MEMBERS only.
*Election results, Ukraine, USA Stimulus, India Shining??
*Come let us make money from trading stocks.
*List of DELISTING stocks HDIL, UNITECH,JP associates, IB realestate....SELL & forget

*20/3.*Bought 25000 Nifty 6500 Put Option at 36. Booked at 54.
*Bought 35000 Nifty 6400 Put Option at 11. Booked at 19.
 *Modify ACC target to 1205.
*Nifty booked at 6490.
*SOLD 20 lots of Century Text at 351. Target 324.
*Sold 25 lots of Tata Steel at 360. Booked at 350.

*19/3. 10am. 18/3. Advance Call. Booked TCS at 2030.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6500 Put option at 32.00. Booked at 39.
*Sold 25 lots of ACC at 1250....Target 1220.
*Sold 50 lots of Nifty at 6552. Target 6505. *20/3. Booked Nifty at 6490..

*Nifty not sustaining above 6562.
 *18/3. *Sold 100 lots of Nifty at 6595. SL. 6612. Booked at 6540.
*Sold 30 lots of Tata Steel  at 349. Booked at 340.
Sold 30 lots of Axis bank at 1375. Booked at 1350. 
*Sold 25 lots of TCS at 2150. Target 2100.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6400 Put Option at 11. SL 9. Booked at 21.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6500 Put Option at 26. SL 22. Booked at 45.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6600 Call Option at 26. SL 23. Booked at 34.

*17/3. BREAKING NEWS......
*Today I saw hiranyakashyap very much alive playing HOLI in rain dance with bursting HINDI Item songs playing at a very high pitch sound.
 .I am watching & experiencing since my childhood that INDIAN GODS are finding it difficult to survive as Indian demons are surviving each year & becoming stronger & powerful.

*In all these 65 years of my life I have never seen KRISHNA taking Birth on Janmashthami, RAM on Ram Navmi BUT I have seen Chand-Mund-Kansa-Ravana- hiranyakashyap all very much alive & growing in numbers.

*Breaking NEWS : Shares hit as Crimea vote to spur sanctions against Moscow

Asian shares hovered around one-month lows on Monday as Western countries issued fresh warnings of more sanctions on Moscow after Crimea voted overwhelmingly to break from Ukraine to join Russia, as expected. Japan's Nikkei led losses with a fall of 0.7 percent, sliding to a one-month low while U.S. stock futures dropped as much as…

*18/3. SELL,SELL, SELL these stocks with stop loss given in the bracket.
ARvind 144 (161),  Bharat Forge 386 (413),   CESC 468 (502),   Hexaware 148 (168),  Lupin 952 (1001),   Ranbaxy 345 (375).


 *14/3. 10 am. Axis bank 1345 & HCLtech 1420. Nifty 6480 Targets achieved.
This is 100% success rate in ADVANCE calls.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6400 PUT OPTION at 36. Booked at 44. 

*14/3.  Advance Call. 
SOLD 100 lots of TATA STEEL April fut at 344. Target 280.

*****14/3/2014.  Warning......Nifty/Indices operators huge long positions, many times larger than LEHMAN brothers  meltdown, will result in one of the most devastating & IRREVERSIBLE financial bubble burst in the history.

****But according to RBI Indian economy is strong & will deteriorate only after 16th MAY,2014. Till then NO LUNGI dance. *Before 16th MAY,2014 NIFTY & BANK NIFTY will make last desperate effort to make a new HIGH.
*ADVANCE Call. *SHORT SELL here heavily for a target of 5620,4880.................. 4,3,2,.......

***Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Bear Stearns and many smaller financial firms failed during the subprime mortgage meltdown.
The next financial flameout will likely be more destructive than what occurred between 2007 and 2009. 

*16/3. Wish you all a very HAPPY HOLI...HAPPY HOLI...
NO ADANI Party, NO Ambani party

vote only AAM AADMI party.

 *13/3. Advance CALL... SELL TECHNOLOGY & NIFTY mercilessly.

*13/3.*Bought 20000  Nifty 6700 CALL option at 22. Booked at 29.
*Bought 20000 Nifty 6400 PUT OPTION at 22. Booked at 34.Bought 20000 again at 32. Target 50. 14/3. Booked at 45.
*Sold 100 lots of Nifty at 6575 with StopAndReverse of 6590. Target 6480. 14/3. Target achvd..
*Sold 25 lots of Axis bank at 1415. Target 1355.14/3. Target achvd.

*11/3. Booked 20000 Nifty 6700 Call options (10/3) at 40.
*Bought 20,000 Nifty 6400 PUT option at 33. Booked at 40.
*Bought 20,000 Nifty 6700 Call Option at 21. Booked at 27..

*Advance calls.
*10/3. Bought 2500 Bank Nifty at 11920....Target 12340,,12500.  13/3. 12340 Target achvd.
*Bought 5000 Nifty at 6535. Target 6666. 6770.
*Bought 50 lots of JSW steel at 945. Booked at 985.
*Bought 5000 SBI at 1650. Booked at 1700.
*Bought 20000  NIFTY 6700 CALL Options at 28. Booked at 38. Bought again at 29. Booked at 42.
*Bought again at 32....Target 44.
*Bought 5000 Bank Nifty 12500 CALL option at 100. Booked at 155.
*Bought 2500 SBI 1750 CALL option at 16. Booked at 31

*Sold 2500 TCS at 2210. Booked at 2150.
*Sold HCLtech at 1475. Target 1420.. 14/3. Target achvd.
*Bought 2500 TCS 2100 PUT OPTION at 15. Booked at 28.
*Bought 3000 HCL tech 1440 PUT Option at 25. Target 45. 14/3. Target achvd.

*7/3. All our BUY SUPER MEGA SMS CALL targets are achieved & those who were taking contra view are once again thrown out of the market.
*Bought 150 lots of Nifty at 6460. Booked 100 lots at 6560.
*Bought 300 lots of Bank Nifty at 11400. Booked 200 lots at 11950.
*Bought  150 lots of Axis bank at 1345. Booked 100 lots at 1415.
*Bought 10000 NIFTY 6600 call option at 25. Booked at 65.
*Bought 20000 Nifty Call option at 10. Booked at 32.
*Bought 5000 Bank Nifty 12000 Call option at 45. Booked at 310.
*Bought 5000 Bank Nifty 12500 Call Option at 20, Booked at 140.
*Bought 10000 Axis bank 1400 Call option at 20. Booked at 60.
*Bought 10000 SBI 1700 Call option at 10. Booked at 32.
* We are having NILL position & shall position ourselves on MONDAY for next NIFTY target of 6666 & Bank Nifty target of 12200.

 *6/3.Probability suggest that the Nifty future low of 5620 made(shown) on 4/3/2014 will be achieved only after a rise of 1000 to 1200 points from 5620. That is Nifty will touch 6600 to 6800 mark before 30th May & will then move down to test 5620 low. Take a chance with SL of 6350 & 6288 CP.

*6/3. BUY NIFTY,Bank Nifty for a target of 6480,6560 and 11500,12200. All targets achvd.
SL for Nifty 6350 & 6288 close price.
SL for Bank Nifty 10780. 15/3. Trail SL to 6400 & 11700.

*5/3. HCLtech target 1485 achvd.
*4/3. Booked profit in all PUT Options. Holding Futures short positions.
*3/3.. Sold 100 lots of Nifty at 6290..Booked 50 lots at 6165.
Sold 200 lots of Bank Nifty at 10830. Booked 100 lots at 10630....Target 10300.
Sold 50 lots of Axis bank at 1275...Target 1222.
Sold 30 lots of HCL tech at 1565. Target 1485.
 BOUGHT 200 lots of Nifty 6200 PUT OPTION at 54. Booked 100 lots at 76.Target. 98.
Bought 100 lots of Bank Nifty 10200 PUT Option at 55...Target 110.


* BOUGHT 100 lots of Nifty 6150 CALL option at 57. Target 87. Target achvd.
*Bought 100 lots of NIFTY 6200 Call Option at 18. Target 38. Target achvd.

 *30/1.  Buy above 6025 Nifty future. It is our 2nd major Support price.Target 6155.
 & below 6025 the target is ......???????
 * One small example of our F&O calls given on 29th

Those who were defying us & taking Contrarian Positions
are now out of the market.

1.Sell 50 lots of ICICIbank at 1030. Target achvd. on 30th.
2nd Sell 100 lots of Bank Nifty at 10620. Target 10150. Tgt. achvd. on 30th
3rd. Sell 100 lots of Nifty at 6165. Target 6040. Target achvd on 30th.
4th. Buy 50 lots of ICICI bank 1020 put option at 18. Target 50. Target achvd. on 30th 
5th Buy 100 lots of Bank Nifty 10500 Put option at 60. Target 300. Target achvd. on 30th
6th. Buy 100 lots of 6150 put option at 30. Target 110. Target achvd. on 30th.
*******7th Buy 2lacs Nifty 6050 CALL OPTION at Rs.1 & 2. Target 24. Target achvd. on 30th

*ADVANCE call given on 25/1.
Keep Selling on 28th, 29th & 30th.............
Buy January & February PUT OPTIONS..................

*Our members of 2014 Intra Year Targets Bulletin have made tonnes of money. Join us & start making money trading with our precise PIVOT POINTS.

*25/1. Our SELL call continues for the coming week. SELL...SELL.....Now also SELL Nifty & Bank Nifty below 6276 & 10990 respectively.
*Many novice traders had taken an OPPOSITE view & are now thrown out of the market.

*17/1. Advance call...BIGGEST SELL of 2014...SELL,SELL,,,below today's close price.
AXIS Bank, Aurobindo Pharma, Biocon, BOI, Century Text, JSWsteel, Maruti,
OBC, Tech Mah; TCS & Wipro.

  **2/12. Breaking News OUR INTRA YEAR TRADING Sure Targets Bulletin for 2014 for Gold, Silver, Nifty,Bank Nifty & 100 stocks will be ready on 7th January 2014.

Subscription Rs.8000/- for the entire bulletin.

2/1..Subscribe today.  & get the gold mine for just Rs.8000/-.

Will be sent only once by e mail.

*Make tonnes of money on your own. No need of Charts/Softwares/Technical analysis. Just follow the simple rule of BUY above the price targets & SELL below the price targets.Book profit at next level of the Price Targets.

*January 2014  Intra Month trading targets bulletin is out & our members have started making money out of it.

***24th. Breaking news...100% accuracy.......

Check the 100% accuracy of our INTRA month trading targets projections given in the table below for CALL & PUT OPTIONS of different strike price. Do the back testing & check how much money you could have made with ZERO risk & 100% gain.

Only TUSHAR VAISHNAV can give you such precise projections with unmatched accuracy.

****17/11. Mind blowing Breaking News....
Only for 100s & 1000s of small traders.

***1/1. Breaking news... MONEY MAKING MACHINE....
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PLAN    1.  

A practical course that makes you a perfect AUTOMATIC trader.

*PLAN  2.

Rs.5000 for one monthly bulletin. sent once only  by e mail on the FIRST of every month. 

*Neeta's Intra MONTH  precise pivot points bulletin.
 Bulletin is sent once on 1st of every MONTH by e mail only.
We provide precise trading pivot points of NIFTY,Bank Nifty & 12 stocks for Intra Month trading.

Read the Testimonials.

Dear Tusharjee, 

The new scheme launched by you  Intraday SMS calls are really working very good. It is tailor made scheme for Small investors. Some of your favourite stocks  viz.. JSW STEEL, JET AIRWAYS, SBI,  will never fails. Even these stocks are working & giving good returns for small investor who have small capital. Really this helps lot for all small investors  with Intraday itself without worries & sleepless nights  on holding the positions. Next day is always there for earning with your sure shot  calls. It is great that you will follow & attending each client about the positions  during trading hours(EXIT & Entry) giving importance for all clients irrespective of their volume.  

Thank you Sir, seeking your advice all times. 


Deepak Kumar. Mysore

Dear Tushar, Your Intra day, Intra Month & Intra Year  Sure Target Pivot Points Bulletin is simply marvellous. Price movement is always on the dote. I have not seen & experienced such precision elsewhere. I have subscibed to many Analyst just to get disappointed. All your price projections are perfect & available much in advance. I & my friends are your subscibers since last 7 years & we are extremely Happy with your perfection. Thanks, Varun Surat,, Ashutosh Bhagalpur,Santosh Allahbad, Chetan, Visnagar, Umakant Chennai, Shrinath AP.

Dear Sir, No words to explain. Your SMS,MSMS, Options calls are mind blowing and your service is superb. Can not get anything better then this.

Rahul,Raghu  Mysore.

Dear Sir, Liked you Technical Analysis teaching & practical coaching . I have started trading on my own with your RULES & I am consistently successful. No emotions. Just trading mechanically with your rules.

When trading intra day I become a MACHINE myself....& it has hepled me in generating big profit.

Tushar Sir, Your Technical Analysis Coaching is Excellent. We have benefitted enormously. Most importantly we have learnt to trade mechanically.

Pramod Banglore,Venktesh chennai, Divyesh Bulsar,Sunil Dutt Delhi,Anirudh-Harshad Rajkot, Deepak Rajkot, Mahesh Ahmedabad,Daruwala Mumbai,Jayant Amodkar Pune,Karthik UK, Palansamy UK,Mahesh UK,Pandya Surat,Pravin Visnagar, Vikas Silguri,Srinivas Vijaywada, Suber Dubai, Suraj Haryana.

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Pivot Points are fix for the whole year & during the year if any top/bottom are violated we will inform you of our next pivot point targets.
Bulletin is sent once on 1st of  the YEAR by e mail only.
We provide precise trading pivot points of NIFTY,Bank Nifty & 100 stocks for Intra Year trading.
Also included global Indices, Currency pairs ( eur/dollar, jpy/dollar etc.),.

*It is better to be lucky then to be GOOD.

If you are both LUCKY & GOOD, the world will bow to you.

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Rs.10000/- per single call. sent via sms 

 *OPTIONS'  calls 

Positional BUY calls of CALL/PUT Options with entry target, Exit target & Stop Loss if necessary 

*** Positional calls,holding period of 1 to 7 days.

*19/2. 1st msms Buy 12 lots of ICICIbank Put Option at 33.  SL 27.Target 40. Target achvd.
2nd msms Buy 10 lots of Bharti AT 320 put option at 13. Sl 10.70. Target 16. Target achvd.

14/2. 1st msms Buy 12 lots of  Axis bank 1450 put option at 23. SL.18. Target 32. Target achvd.
2nd msms Buy 25 lots of Nifty 5900 Put Option at 51. Sl.38. Target 66. Target achvd.
BUY 25 lots of Nifty 6000 put op. at 92. Sl.84. Target 107. Target achvd.
3rd msms  Buy 10 lots of DLF 260 put option at 7.50. Target 10 . Target achvd.


*PLAN  5.
Rs.10,000/- per single msms FUTURES' call. sent on mobile  via sms.

*MEGA SMS & Super MSMS Calls   
Positional calls with entry, exit & stop loss targets.*  
*19/2. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of Bharti AT at 312. Target 307.3. Target achvd.
*15/2. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of ACC at 1244. Target 1232. Target achvd.
***Closed SUPER,SUPER mega sms  call OF SELL 30 lo of ACC at 1420 on 4/1.  Target 1235. Target achvd. 

*14/2. 1st msms Sell 12 lots of Axis bank at 1475. Target 1457. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 20 lots of Nifty at 5935. Target 5895. Target achvd.
3rd msms Sell 8 lots of ACC at 1252. Target 1239. Target achvd.
4th msms Sell 4 lots of Arvind  at 88. Target 84.30. Target achvd.
5th msms Sell 7 lots of DLF at 259. Target 253.30. Target achvd.
All our targets of Axis bank fut & options, REC fut are achieved. 
 *13/2. 1st msms Sell 20 lots of Nifty  at 5972. SL. 5993.  Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 15 lots of SBI at 2340. Target 2302. Target achvd.
3rd msms Sell 8  lots of DLF  at 270. SL 273.3. Target 265. Target achvd.
4th msms Sell 7 lots of  Century text. at 386. SL.390.30. Target 380.30.  Target achvd. 
Exited all Buy positions of Wipro at 415. 

*12/2. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of DLF at 271.50. Target 266.3. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 10 lots of Axis bank at 1500. Target 1483. Target achvd.

*11/2. Holding Sell position in REC.  

PLAN  6.
with entry & exit & SL targets.Rs.50,000/- per single sms call.
*** Making trading as simple as possible and routine is the best way to succeed. The wild card gunslinger that trades by taking on big risk never lasts.

by Tushar Vaishnav.

*An Accurate & Precise Probability Studies for consistent profits under any MARKET conditions, Bullish, Bearish or Side ways. 
*How does the old saying go? Give a man a meal he eats for a day... Teach a man the power of technical analysis and his profits are limitless.

* NITA T. VAISHNAV. & Tushar Vaishnav
ICICI BANK A/C No. 001101531457, 

HDFC BANK A/C No. 01141000086422. 


* ADDRESS : CLARIDGE , 103  B-wing, Lokhandwala Market, 3rd cross road, Andheri (west)- Mumbai -400 053. Maharashtra. 
Mobile Nos.  09869902649  /  


  ***If you want to make a success and make profits, your object must be to know more; study all the time; never think that you know it all. Time spent in gaining knowledge is money in the bank. W. D. Gann
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*Stocks, Currency Pairs & Commodities, Sensex,Nifty,DowJones,S&P, Nasdaq, GOLD, SILVER, Crude Oil, EURU/USD currency Pair etc..... every day you are hearing these names in Financial Markets. You also read how traders are making money by buying & selling in these markets.
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 here is a great chance for you.
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Just follow the PIVOT POINTS. If the price is trading above the Pivot Point then just  BUY with Stop Loss of that Pivot Point and if the price is trading below the PIVOT POINT then just SELL/Short Sell with the Stop Loss of that Pivot Point..

No need of any knowledge of the markets. A sure way of making money consistently from FINANCIAL MARKETS under any market condition.

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CACULATIONS of PRECISE PIVOT POINTS for Intra Day trading, Swing Trading & Medium to Long term trading. Stop Loss, SAR & Trailing Stop.
( Intra YEAR trading precise PIVOT POINTS Bulletin of 40 stocks  will be given free ) 

* TECHNICAL ANALYSIS & Risk Management made simple & down to earth practical for maximum success with minimum efforts & funds. Easy to understand & apply.These simple techniques aren’t high-tech or glitzy but always hitting the target to the perfection for sure profit. Our stop & reverse method of trading is more perfect & precise then any high-tech software. Come and experience it.

*Approach trading like taming a wild beast, *not unlocking a beast within you.
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*** Making trading as simple as possible and routine is the best way to succeed. The wild card gunslinger that trades by taking on big risk never lasts.

Dear Investors and Traders.

An unfailing Manual System created by sheer hard work of studying and analyzing charts. The Price Action studies with Moving averages, Trend Lines & Trend, Oscillators, Bollinger Bands, Indicators Price Channels, Fibonacci numbers, Fibonacci Retracements, Elliott wave theory, Patterns & Pattern Break Outs, Bullish & Bearish GAPS, Japanese Candlesticks, Bar Patterns, Supports & Resistance and PIVOT POINTS calculations for INTRA DAY price targets, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly targets. All these much before the happenings. Intra Day Trading. RISK & Money Management. Psychology of Trading & Discipline.
The system that has been worked out manually works wonders. The Price Targets derived are Accurate & Precise than any Mechanical Trading System. It gives mind boggling results if incorporated with our Stop loss & Reverse ‘SAR’ Approach to Price Action on the charts.
We harness the most Volatile, chaotic, unpredictable PRICE MOVEMENTS into PROFITABLE TRADES.
Learn to create your own GROWTH fund. Become your own WEALTH Manager. All that It requires is knowledge of basic tools of Technical Analysis, hard work & discipline to follow the rules & plans.

* The stock market is full of volatility! We show you how to trade successfully in any market conditions. The only system that makes you a SMART TRADER AUTOMATICALLY.

Know Sure Things through our PROBABILITY analysis.

*Without knowledge you can go right sometimes, while with knowledge you can go wrong sometimes. Without knowledge you will remain stuck to your mistakes, while with knowledge you will convert your mistake to your  advantage and that is SAR.
Just spend 30 minutes to read this full page carefully with patience.

‘STOP LOSS &; REVERSE’(SAR) Manual Trading System.
"Set It and Forget It" - The Key to Taking Emotion Out of the TRADING Game
(to be followed manually with our Price Targets & our Golden Rules of Trading).
THE ONLY TREND FOLLOWING MANNUAL TRADING SYSTEM of ‘SAR’ that always,automatically keeps you with the TREND. TREND is your FRIEND.
Do you always want to win in this battle field of buyers & sellers ?
Do you want a weapon & arsenal that can reap profits for you from this uncertain,speculative,chaotic & turbulent market ?
Then get youself armed with our most powerful Weapon & arsenal of STOP Loss & REVERSE (SAR) and Start making money from the stock market every hour,every day,every week,every month and so on & on and forever on your own from today.

* THE SYSTEM is proved to be more miraculous than ‘ALLADIN’S MAGIC LAMP’ and more powerful WEALTH CREATOR then the ‘GOOSE that LAYS GOLDEN EGGS’. THE SYSTEM is a perfect & powerful PASSWORD for opening the door to SUCCESS and infinite wealth of the STOCK MARKETS.Many times more then the password of ‘SIM-SIM KHULJA’ or ‘OPEN SEASAME’ of ‘ALIBABA and the FORTY THIEVES. This is neither a MYTH nor a FAIRY TALE.It is a simple,plain and SOLID truth.A system that can be easily followed by every trader. The system not only gives you consistent success in a chaotic and turbulent and highly speculative stock markets BUT also gives you an infinite pleasure & satisfaction of being always right in this game of CHANCE.The satisfaction of trading & making money with POWER of KNOWLEDGE & NOT by LUCK or Fluke.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Tushar Vaishnav & Neeta Vaishnav. 
***The Easiest way of  achieving SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE in life :

To begin your journey as a conscious and successful traders – or anything else for that matter – try bridging the gap between you conscious and subconscious by first making the decision to make the effort. You don’t need to believe; experience will convince you. Start with the premise that by developing a disciplined ritual of TELLING your subconscious what your conscious mind wants and make this a part of your TRADING DISCIPLINE. Acknowledge that it will take time and require perseverance but in the end, you will be rewarded by tangible proof.
Just how you chose to train your subconscious depends on your preference. There are many sources to choose from, but the more specific to your needs, the better. However, the principle implication is clear : you can determine your reality….if you consciously choose to do it. If you do not believe, that is ok, but not making an attempt to see for yourself will be a mistake.
DISCLAIMER :Trading & investing in stock market and in Forex market is highly risky. We take no responsibility of any kind for any of our suggestions & writing. . The clients, subscribers, traders & investors are trading & investing totally at their own risk. The stock market, cash & F&O trading has infinite risk where one can lose the invested capital & can run into further heavy losses too. We do not give any guarantee for any of our writing, price targets, educational programmes & for any statement related to stock market & trading. Trading & Investing in stock market is highly risky business & can cause huge financial loss. We are not responsible for any of your actions that may be based on our suggestions. We do not give any performance guarantee.

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