Thursday, July 5, 2012

6thJuly,  2012.

*6/7. Rocking....Rocking....Our intra day, very simple to trade PPP bulletin subscibers earned huge profit in just first one hour of trading by Selling Nifty,ACC,DLF,ICICI bank,Jet air, Jindal Steel, Larsen, SBI, Tata Steel & Titan. Why can't you???? Please do not wait to recieve GODDESS Laxmi. Just hug her.

*5/7.FIR against builder, bureaucrat in Mumbai land scam

Mumbai, July 5 (IANS) The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) filed an FIR Thursday against realtor Niranjan Hiranandini and Maharashtra's Additional Chief Secretary T.C. Benjamin in a Rs.45,000 crore land scandal.
*Check before buying a flat. The whole building can be illegally constructed ?????
FSI misused ??? Society formation can be illegal ???
***5/7.   TOMORROW'S Breaking News Today...........

No Sentiments.........Buy above  with Strict Stop Loss of closing Nifty price 5270
and *Sell  NIFTY Ruthlessly on a close  below 5270 & 5170

*2/7. Buy future Axis bank at 1040. Target 1090. Booked at 1047
Buy HDFC at 670. Target 690. Booked at 680.
Buy Tata Steel  431. Target 447. Booked at 442
Buy Sesa Goa at 195. Target 208,224. First tgt. achvd.
Buy Bhel at 232. Target 244,258.Booked at 238.

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2/7. No sentiments...BUY NIFTY if trading above 5297  and  SELLmercilessly if trading below 5290.

*12/6. Nifty will fill the Gap at 5240 & Bank Nifty 10242.....till then hold.....'
Gaps got filled up on 29/6.

**What is so special about our teaching/coaching of Technical Analysis Theory & Applications ????????

*To achieve consistent Super Success in any profession It is very essential to to know The Fundamentals of that profession. You can not achieve success without knowing the fundamentals. For a sportsmen it is essential to remain fit. Rest follows automatically. For Actors it is essential  to keep enetaining the masses. For CINEMAS to get Box Office hit it is essential that it has all the ingredients of ENTERTAINMENT. It  works on nothing but only on Three Fundamentals Entertainment,Entertainment & Entertainment only.

*Then what are the Three Fundamentals that can give consistent success in Speculative Markets. You may be thinking of EPS,PE Ratio,Book Value,DEBT equity Ratio, Inventory control,Management, Product Demand and so on. But none of these will work if you do not know these three basic Fundamentals.

*They are nothing BUT only STOPLOSS,STOPLOSS & STOPLOSS.

*What we teach/Coach basically in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS  is to how to master these three fundamentals.

1.STOPLOSS. How to enter a trade with the help of Pivot Points &  keep a precise initial stoploss.

2.STOPLOSS. How to re-enter a trade if the STOPLOSS is triggered & convert a STOPLOSS loss into a profit. (Not Stop & Reverse)

3.STOPLOSS. How to protect the profit with a Trailing Stop & to EXIT a trade with the help of Pivot Points with big profit.

*These three methods not only make you trade mechanically but will also give you a better understanding of the trend & price movement.
You become an independent trader following the price action minutely without getting tensed & emotional.

 * TRADING with pre determind PRECISE PIVOT POINTS (PPP). is a provider of exceptionally  Precise Pivot Points, PPP! Our PPP are time tested and offer traders the edge needed to perform in all market conditions. Utilizing  PPP as a weapon in your trading arsenal helps you identify high performance areas for trade opportunities. We offer this amazing  PPP resource for the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, HANGSENG,Nikkie, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, Gold,Silver and Oil. NIFTY,Bank Nifty,Sensex & 100 F&O stocks.Our PRECISE PIVOT POINTS,PPP are created using a unique and proprietary methodology unparalleled by anyone else in the  WORLD'S market place. We use the confluence and confirmation of different identification methods including, Price swing lows, Elliot Wave, Volume Profile, Moving Averages, the list goes on. Our vision at STOCKTRADERS is to make highly quality, professional level based research affordable for every trader. Our analysts invest the time and expertise so you don’t have to!
You will see day after day the market consistently reacting to our PPP often calling intraday tops, bottoms and price swings. The PPP offer an edge for veteran and new traders alike, helping to improve winning percentages, identify key areas to “do business” and building psychological capital by allowing traders to plan their trades around high probability PPP

We pride ourselves on education and transparency, we will show you the logic and confluence based approach that makes up our analysis in our PPP  Technical Analysis education programme. Join us and start making profit consistently from ALL FINANCIAL markets in all TIME frames i,e, Intra day, Daily, Weekly,Monthly,Quarterly & Yearly.
*The only method to know Sure things in advance.

*6/7. 1st msms Sell 6 lots of Jet Airways at 398. Target 391. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 8 lots of Jindal Steel at 464. Target 456.30. Target achvd.
3rd msms Sell 15 lots of SBI at 2215. Target 2190. Target achvd.
*Our yesterday's free call of Sell 1414. Target achvd.
TOOK exit from HDFC buy call at 680.

*5/7. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of LNT at 1431. Target.........................

*4/7. 1st msms Sell 8 *4/7. 1st msms Buy 8 lots of HDFC at 681. Target 690..............
2nd msms SELL 8 lots of  Titan Inds. at 235.30. Target 231.30. Target achvd.

*3/7. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of ACC at 1308. Target. 1289. Target achvd.

*2/7.1st msms Sell 8 lots of Jindal Steel at 468. Target 460. target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 25 lots of LNT at 1422. Target 1403. Target achvd.
3rd msms Again Sell 8 lots of Jindal steel at 471. Target 460. Target achvd.

*29/6. 1st msms Sell 10 lots of tata Motor at 242. Target 238...Booked at 239.10
Holding Sell positions in Nifty & SBI

*28/6. * Booked profit in  all JUNE SELL positions of SBI & Tata Motor.
* 27/6. Sell 8 lots of Tata Motor at 238. Target 231.30. Target achvd.
1st msms Sell 15 lots July fut of SBI at 2097. target 2077. Target achvd.
***Sell Positions of NIFTY & BANK NIFTY is rolled over to July contract

*27/6. 1st msms Sell 10 lots of ACC at 1225. Target 1210. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 12 lots of SBI July fut. at 2107. Target 2085..................

*26/6. Titan Sell call given on 21/6. to sell 10 lots at 222. Target 217.3. Target achvd. today.
Holding other SELL calls.
*25/6. 1st Msms Sell 32 lots of Bank Nifty July fut. at 10160. Target 10070. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 12 lots of SBI July fut.  at  2167. Target 2142. Target achvd.
3rd msmsSell 22 lots of Nifty July fut. at 5209. Target 5158. Target achvd.
Holding all SELL positions of  *20/6.

*22/6. 1st msms Sell as many LOTS as you can of SBI at 2057. Target 2022. Target achvd.
2nd MSMS Sell 10 lots of LNT at 1368. Target 1351. Target achvd.
3rd Msms Sell 12 lots of SBI at 2175. Target 2150. Target achvd.
Holding all other SELL positions.
*21/6. Holding all SELL positions.

*19/6. Holding Tata Motor Sell call.
1st msms Sell 24 lots of Nifty at 5054. Target.....................
2nd msms Sell 15 lots of SBI at 2086. Target..............
3rd msms Sell 10 lots of LNT at 1337. SL 1350. Target 1316. Target achvd.
**********at 10.20AM on 18/6. Gave 1st mega SMS Sell 20 lots of larsen at 1360. Target ...........1310 achvd.
2nd msms Sell 25 lots of SBI at 2227. target..........................Target 2110. achvd.
3rd msms Sell 30 lots of NIFTY at 5181. target..............5100. Tgt. achvd.
BOUGHT Corresponding PUT option of 
LNT 30 lots of 1300 at 18 tgt.33. Tgt. achvd.,
SBI 30 lots at 2200 at 50 tgt.95. Tgt.achvd. 
& Nifty 50 lots 5100 at 43 tgt.90. Tgt.achvd...........................Target
***ALL targets achvd. by 11.05 AM.
Only we had given the SELL CALLS in advance & you all know it. Read our 15/6. Calls.

***Booked NIFTY sell call of 15/6. at 5040. 98 lots  (Super MSMS) & 110 points profit.
*Holdin Tata Motor SELL call................Target............

*15/6. 1st msms Sell 6 lots of Jet Airways at 362. Target 355. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 20 lots of tata motor at 241. Target.............................
3rd msms Sell 98 lots of Nifty at 5150. Target............................................................

*14/6. 1st msms Sell 12 lots of SBI at 2200. Target  2175. Target achvd.
2nd msms BUY 16 lots of SBI 2100 Put option at 40. Target 55. Target achvd.
3rd msms Sell 10 lots of LNT at 1330. Target 1312. Target achvd.
4th msms Buy 12 lots of LNT 1300 Put Option at 35. Target  47. Target achvd.
5th msms Buy 30 lots of Nifty 5000 Put Option at 51. Target 75. Target achvd.
6th msms Sell 6 lots of Jet Airways at 375. Target 366. Target achvd.
7th msms Buy 12 lots of Tata Motor 220 Put Option at 3. Target 6. Target achvd.
BOOKED TATA MOTOR 13/6. Sell call at 228.

*13/6. 1st msms Sell 10 lots of LNT at 1367. Target 1348. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 8 lots of Tata Motor at 240. Target........................................................

*11/6. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of Jet Airways at 350. Target 343. Target achvd.

*4/6.  All these calls were given in advance & mentioned in this bulletin.
Booked profit in LNT  at 1112.
Booked profit in Tata Staal at 386.
Booked profit in Nifty at 4770.
Booked profit in ICICIbank at 774.
Booked profit in Bank Nifty at 9070.
No more SELL positions. All booked with huge profit. That is our 100% success rate.
*1st msms SELL 10 lots of Jubilant Food at 1180. SL.1201. Target 1160. Target achieved.

*1/6. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of HDIL at 68. Target 65.10. target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 12 lots of SBI at  2078. Target 2052. target achvd.
3rd msms Sell 8 lots of Jet Air at 320. SL.323. Target 315. target achvd.
4th msms Sell 28 lots of Bank Nifty at 9420 & 9400 (on 31/5). Target 9310. target achvd.
5th msms Sell 10 lots of LNT at 1169. Target 1152. target achvd.
****Though our average is in plus we are still holding SELL positions of 18/5. in Larsen & Tata Steel

*31/5. Booked SBI 52 lots sold on 28/5. at 2077. Target 2059. Target achvd. today
Booked Tata Motor 8 lots sold on 28/5 at 275. Target 235. Target achvd. today .

*30/5. SBI sell call of *29/5 target achvd.
SBI bought 16 lots of 2150 Put option at 40 on *29/5. Target 60. Target achvd.
1st msms Sell 8 lots of Jet Airways at 321. target 316. Target achvd.
Booked Axis bank LOSS at 1006. Bought at 1026.
2nd msms Sell 8 lots of Titan Inds. at 231. Target 226. Target achvd.

*Approach trading like taming a wild beast, *not unlocking a beast within you.

Become your own ring master to succeed in the trading arena.

*** Making trading as simple as possible and routine is the best way to succeed. The wild card gunslinger that trades by taking on big risk never lasts.

*19/5.  Breaking News :The magic of THE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS & IT'S UNIQUE PIVOT POINTS.

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*6th  July,  2 0 1 2.

by Tushar Vaishnav.
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An unfailing Manual System created by sheer hard work of studying and analyzing charts. The Price Action studies with Moving averages, Trend Lines & Trend, Oscillators, Bollinger Bands, Indicators Price Channels, Fibonacci numbers, Fibonacci Retracements, Elliott wave theory, Patterns & Pattern Break Outs, Bullish & Bearish GAPS, Japanese Candlesticks, Bar Patterns, Supports & Resistance and PIVOT POINTS calculations for INTRA DAY price targets, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly targets. All these much before the happenings. Intra Day Trading. RISK & Money Management. Psychology of Trading & Discipline.
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Just how you chose to train your subconscious depends on your preference. There are many sources to choose from, but the more specific to your needs, the better. However, the principle implication is clear : you can determine your reality….if you consciously choose to do it. If you do not believe, that is ok, but not making an attempt to see for yourself will be a mistake.
DISCLAIMER :Trading & investing in stock market and in Forex market is highly risky. We take no responsibility of any kind for any of our suggestions & writing. . The clients, subscribers, traders & investors are trading & investing totally at their own risk. The stock market, cash & F&O trading has infinite risk where one can lose the invested capital & can run into further heavy losses too. We do not give any guarantee for any of our writing, price targets, educational programmes & for any statement related to stock market. Trading & Investing in stock market is highly risky business & can cause huge financial loss. We are not responsible for any of your actions that may be based on our suggestions. We do not give any performance guarantee.

On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 8:00 PM, venkatesh vasisht wrote:
hello sir, 
             am venkateshvasisht from mysore(karnataka) hope this mail brings u in good mood and health just now i saw u r blogspot that u introduced the intraday packages and am watching u r blogspot from several months u r mega sms are superab
i never these kind of technical in my life, i want to ask that if u can give mini sms that charges very less charges because am small traders with investment of 1lakh investment i request u to give the mini sms package i will go for it it will be charged less than rs 1000 it will help for me.
i want the details of intraday trading of rs 1000 per month
hope u will do this help to me
thank u
venkatesh vasisht

From: Tushar Vaishnav <>
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Subject: Re: to become member
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Many of you all are posed with the question of how Just Been Paid makes its money. Right now the revenue sources are limited at this point. But its only because they still have a lot of programming and streamlining to complete yet. The primary source of revenue for the program will shift once the traffic exchange gets going. It isn't any different then facebook or youtube or any other website on the internet. Once a website has an honorable membership it becomes easy to sell advertising to big companies and the like. So in time the program will be earning millions of dollars selling advertising to outside companies. Just like the little ads you see on the right panel of facebook. The only difference though is that they will be more in a popup format with a count down timer that will most likely display in a bar at the top of the popup. And as the faqs about the topic explain we will all have a weekly obligation to view an established amount of ads. And of course the hopes for the advertiser's is that a percentage of us members will actually do business with these companies. And a percentage of the members will. Some of you members are new and have only seen the recent programming of the website, but the core members will all testify that the program's programming and site layout has been a work in progress since its inception. Many websites are built on cookie cutter programs and don't need or contain much coding and/or programming to build or operate as well as need much memory to operate. Initially JBP didn't either and so what you are experiencing is a program that they didn't expect to explode as fast as it has been, they have outgrown everything progressively and you all need to understand that initially it was a small man team that started it mainly Fred and whom ever he had working with him when he began with this concept of the program you see today. And here we are now 2+ years into this program, his mathematical concepts are now realized and working like a charm, the restarts are so far proving to be effective in keeping things running, tripler's are paying us earnings above and beyond what you would find any where else in this world that we know of at this time. To take a snap shot of where we are at today, we are all in the right place at the right time, the program isn't even at the top of its game yet, anybody with mathematical smarts will know that the best time to go with a winner is as its becoming a winner. We don't know when it will peak and we all hope and pray that it will be years down the road. If you take a look back at facebook as an example, I was a member of facebook long before it ever hit the top of the charts. It slowly grew from a campus website, into being a fav among colleges and networked friends, to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, but it didn't happen in 2 years time. You all need to be truly, truly greatful for Fred's heart with this, unlike the founder of other big name websites, Fred is sharing the wealth that is and will be generated by this program with all of us. Rather than one person becoming worth a billion dollars, we are all getting a piece of the pie and growing along with the program. I don't know about you but I am exceptionally anxious to reach the 25,000 tripler point and finding out for the first time in my life what it is to have a $5,000 day all for me. Its me that dismissed the skepticism of the program and gave Fred a chance, and you guys too of course, and when the days come when I begin to withdraw money, I will be the one to decide how to prosper with it further or go buy myself one of those $50 porter house steaks. God Bless you all for trusting in yourself and in this opportunity.
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