Saturday, November 5, 2011

*** 5/11. Hassle free trading for profits with precise pivot points. An illustration of REC & GOLD usd chart are one of the few examples of the success story of trading for consistent profit with Pivot Points.
*Subscibre today before the closing date & experience the fun of trading for profit only.

2/11. Here is the NIFTY weekly chart  from 1/1/2011 to 2/11/2011 with precise pivot points giving a clear picture of how to trade with pivot points for consistent profit.

*subscibe today for Intra Year Pivot Points for the year 1/1/2012 to 31/12/2012 to avoid disappointment after 2/1/2012.

We will trade strictly with our Daily, Monthly & Yearly Precise Pivot Points only.

*1/11.  Here is the daily chart of Aban Offshore for the Month of October along with Precise Pivot Points explaining how to trade successfully with the help of rock solid Pivot Points.

*31/10.  NIFTY,BANK NIFTY & Many stocks have given BUY signal in the Monthly chart......but it appears that the BUY signal is already discounted.......hence BUY only if the NIFTY,Bank Nifty,stocks are trading ABOVE the close price of 31/10 with Stop & Reverse of the close price.
*Short Sell mercilessly below the 31/10 close price. Do not jump into it. Take ONE day confirmation.

********Top Stories

****MF Global Meltdown, Stunning Setback for Corzine: Firm Files for Chapter 11- Reuters

*** 28/10. Nifty closed at 5386.  
Nifty targets from here can be  5410, a correction of the fall from 5770 to 4725. 
2nd target  can be 5520 our Yearly Pivot Point & the last and most important target can be 5730 a correction of the total fall from 6350 to 4725.
*It seems extremely difficult/impossible for the Nifty to cross 5410 the first target. Our other previously projected targets remains intact..

* Members made tonnes of money in September by trading with our Precise Pivot Points...
RelCap..targets were  444, 421,384,326,290.

Sesa Goa  234,201,180.
Tata steel 469,432,419,409.
& so many precise trading targets were given in the month of September for just Rs.3000.

*** 24.9.2011. Here is your only CHANCE of generating massive wealth from Financial Markets.
A BOON for all.
*A pre launch offer only for you to make unbelievable profit in 2012 with Precise Pivot Points.
Trade on your own in Cash, Future & Options.

*You have missed big opportunties of making BIG money in 2006,2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011..... but please do not miss it now.
*No need of any knowledge about the financial markets, neither Fundamental nor Technical. Pivot Point Precise Targets takes care of all the market forces. No need of any software. Just follow the Precise Pivot Points  mechanically and make consistent profit.

*Stocks, Currency Pairs & Commodities, Sensex,Nifty,DowJones,S&P, Nasdaq, GOLD, SILVER, Crude Oil, EURU/USD currency Pair etc..... every day you are hearing these names in Financial Markets. You also read how traders are making money by buying & selling in these markets.
*You are also tempted to trade & earn easy money......but it happens the other loose money. You do not know how to analyse the price do not know the ABC of these markets & STILL YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE SHOT PROFIT...then
 here is a great chance for you.
*Just trade with our given SURE TARGETS PIVOT POINTS for trading for PROFIT. Just follow the simple rules of the game. Do not try to analyse or predict the market.
Just follow the PIVOT POINTS. If the price is trading above the Pivot Point then just  BUY with Stop Loss of that Pivot Point and if the price is trading below the PIVOT POINT then just SELL/Short Sell with the Stop Loss of that Pivot Point..
No need of any knowledge of the markets. A sure way of making money consistently from FINANCIAL MARKETS under any market condition.

You make money because you follow the PRICE automatically & unknowingly you are always moving with the trend.
So what you are waiting for ????

*** After an overwhelming response from the members of our "2011 Pivot Points Bulletin" we have decided to  PRE LAUNCH our  2012 (1st Jan.2012 to 31 Dec.2012) wealth creator PLANS of Super Duper SURE PROFIT  Intra YEAR trading PIVOT POINTS. The only Pivot Points for sure Profit in all Financial Markets in all time frames & in all market conditions.
OUR 2012 Yearly PLANS will be as follows :
1. Yearly Pivot Points for Intra year Trading. Gold, Silver, Crude Oil all in $. Subscription Rs.5,000/-
2. Yearly Pivot Points for Intra year Trading. Forex Currency 4 Pairs Euro/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY. Subscription Rs.5,000/- 
3. Yearly Pivot Points for Intra year Trading. NIFTY & BANK NIFTY. Subscription Rs.5,000/-.
4. Yearly Pivot Points for Intra year Trading. 40 F&O stocks with reference to BSE close Price. Subscription Rs.5,000/-.

5. ALL 4 in ONE + 100 F&O stocks, Subscription Rs.20,000/-. Sent only once by e mail.
Free coaching of how to trade successfully with our Precise Pivot Points.
PAY before 30th OCTOBER 2011 to avail the 20% PRE LAUNCH DISCOUNT.
Offer will close on 2.1.2012.

From:  gopal To:
Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 4:49 PM
Subject: Subscription for 2012 Pivot points
Respected Tusharji,
I am Gopal from coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I have spoken to you day before yesterday regarding the subscription for 2012 yearly pivot points for 40 F&O stocks. I have deposited a cheque for Rs.4000 in , Chennai, Tamilnadu. Small clarification, regarding the pivot point. You have mentioned "Yearly Pivot Points for Intra year Trading. 40 F&O stocks with reference to BSE", If i trade in Options i have to refer to BSE closing price or Future price? Kindly clarify.Kindly send me the pivot chart to this same email id (i.e.) . I request your enlightened guidance to enable me to trade in Stock market with clarity and confidence.Regards to you and your family. Gopal,Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
Dear Mr. Gopal,
When price gives close above the BSE Pivot Point BUY Call Option with SL of that BSE Pivot Point and when price gives close below the Pivot Point BUY Put Option.

*Approach trading like taming a wild beast, *not unlocking a beast within you. Become your own ring master to succeed in the trading arena.
*** Making trading as simple as possible and routine is the best way to succeed. The wild card gunslinger that trades by taking on big risk never lasts.


by Tushar Vaishnav.
*An Accurate & Precise Probability Studies for consistent profits under any MARKET conditions, Bullish, Bearish or Side ways.
*How does the old saying go? Give a man a meal he eats for a day... Teach a man the power of technical analysis and his profits are limitless.

6th November, 2011.
***There's no magic wand to bring down inflation: RBI,
but there is a TRUE MAGIC WAND of PPS for sure big profits in FINANCIAL MARKETS.
Check our PPS for Larsen, GOLD, Currency Pair…..etc
*The Magic wand of PIVOT POINTS.

* 20/6. FREE, FREE, WEEKLY Precise Pivot Points (PPS) for automatic trading  super profits.
* Larsen & Toubro, BSE. 1617a, 1635b, 1653c, 1680d, 1687e, 1701f.
Come trade like champions even if you do not know ABC of Technical Analysis.
The RULE is simple :
Buy above a,b,c,d,e,f with stop loss of these PPS and
SELL below f,e,d,c,b,a with stop loss of these PPS.

10/6. In WEEKLY chart SELL signal has been given by EURO/USD currency pair & GOLD. SELL them below their WEEKLY Close Price only. Use the Precise Trading PIVOT POINTS and make HUGE PROFIT in next 24X5 hours.
16/6. Breaking News…..Did you take advantage of our FREE….FREE Weekly Pivot Points………………….Our member clients & well wishers have made tones of money trading with our PIVOT POINT euro/usd from target h came down to target c. GOLD $ came down from target e to target b.

*EURO/USD (13/6 to17/6) 1.4061b, 1.4116c, 1.4204d, 1.4258e, 1.4346f, 1.4434g, 1.4488h, 1.4570i.
**18/6. Euro/USD actual high / Low made were 1.4497 / 1.4073. Our smart students & members SOLD 1 lot each below h, g,f,e,d,c and BOOKED profit above b. Calculate their profit. They BOUGHT 1 lot each above b,c,d,e and booked profit at f. They made huge profit first by selling & then by buying.

*This is the MAGIC & MIRACLE OF OUR PRECISE PIVOT POINTS in a high probability FOREX market. You become an automatic TREND follower and the success follows you automatically.Sooner you learn better for you.
*GOLD, $ (13/6 to 17/6).1513.93b, 1519.45c, 1524.20d, 1531e, 1537.80f, 1541.55g, 1548h,1552.10i.
18/6. Gold $ made actual high / low of 1542 / 1510.80. Our smart students & members made huge profit just by SELLING 1 lot each below g,f,e,d,c and booking profit above b. They also bought above b,c,d & booked profit below e. Calculate their profit.

* T R A D E L I K E C H A M P I O N S.

*Trading Financial Markets with the tools of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS was never so simple. Come and experience the flurry of successful trades. We believe in delivering the perfection.
We do not make you dependent on us for whole life. We believe in making you a perfect independent Trader/Investor within a month.
An automatic trader, always.

* Now take advantage of HOME Tutions/coaching….. In MUMBAI Rs.60,000/- per student for the entire course. Outside MUMBAI Rs.60,000/- per student plus lodging & boarding & Return AIR ticket.
* Also available ONE DAY 3 hours course.(for those who already know the theories of Technical Analysis)
Teaching Simple Techniques of Successful trading in INTRA DAY.
CACULATIONS of PRECISE PIVOT POINTS for Intra Day trading, Swing Trading & Medium to Long term trading. Stop Loss, SAR & Trailing Stop.
Course fees Rs.30,000/-. ( Intra YEAR trading precise PIVOT POINTS Bulletin will be given free )

* TECHNICAL ANALYSIS & Risk Management made simple & down to earth practical for maximum success with minimum efforts & funds. Easy to understand & apply.These simple techniques aren’t high-tech or glitzy but always hitting the target to the perfection for sure profit. Our stop & reverse method of trading is more perfect & precise then any high-tech software. Come and experience it.

*19/3. B R E A K I N G N E W S. We are looking out for TRADING PARTNERS who has funds & aptitude for trading TECHNICALLY.
We will teach them all the secrets of trading TECHNICALLY for consistent PROFITS. While we are teaching theories & practicals we will make them trade under our guidance & the profit will be shared. You will learn the art of trading technically and earn real money. Will it not be sensational news ??
If you are ready to meet our requirements, we are ready to make you our partner.
***20/9. BREAKING NEWS….now you can have our INTRA YEAR 2011 Precise Pivot Points Bulletin PLAN B.
INTRA YEAR 2011 Precise Pivot Points Bulletin for Rs.3000/- for the remaining year.

*Respected Tushar sir,
Happy to inform u that i made profit in put option as per ur kind advise 5600 put . It is not I who made profit, it is because of the sympathy u have shown to me due to my financial condition and i have little knowledge about trading. U have proved beyond doubt that the predictions for the last one year clearly indicates , any one can make huge profit if they simply follow ur guidance and advise . Some one who is not making profit inspite of ur clear guidence like me are unlucky persons because of their individual mistakes. Hope u will continue ur guidence advise in the coming days.
Regards ,Viswanathan ,Chennai.

Tushar Sir ,
This is Ravi from Andhra Pradesh. Sir, last month I subscribed to your ‘2011 Pivot Points Bulletin’. I am observing from the very first day that the share prices are dancing on your mentioned LAKSHMANREKHA levels. I made lots of profit just by trading with your pivot points. Thank your sir, my no. is 09……786.
Yours Sincerely,
Ravi K M. Vijaywada.

Respected Mr Tushar,
Thank u for remembering and sending me mail. I am ur subscriber for Nifty pivot levels and you are magnanimous enough give me UCO bank levels also.
I am following your UCO bank chart level and it really works well.
Still i have to equip myself well and do some home work also to become thorough in your theory. My good wishes to you and to your family.
With regards,
S.Gopal, Coimbatore, TamilNadu.

Dear Tushar-GURUJI,
Guruji,thanx for your concern,you are really my guru,mentor and guide.  I can not believe that after having learnt to TRADE TECHNICALLY from you I could do it myself so well. Thanx again for your continuous guidance & support.
Your Sincere Student, Pramod A. Bangalluru.

 Subject: Your noteworthy predictions in the volatile market.
Respected Shri Tusharji,
For the past seven months i have been monitoring your  yearly price chart pivot point levels and astonished to view the magic of your predictions in this volatile market. Last year i have missed the opportunity of buying your chart so i have decided to buy 2012 charts at the beginning itself. As adviced by you i am taking weekly close(Friday) level as my yardstick and do my homework on Saturday to have my trading plan on coming week. The results are very impressive and noteworthy with the available 9 stocks. I am able to locate 2-3 stocks near to your pivot points, all other stocks are far away, since this is a yearly chart, i hope if monthly charts are in my hand i can find still more stocks giving me opportunity for trading purpose. Therefore, may i request you Sir, let me have the monthly chart for the following scrips for October, November, December 2011. Kindly also let me know the subscription details for the above.Name of required scrips:NIFTY, RELIANCE INDUSTRIES, SBI, ICICI BANK, IFCI, IDBI, RENUGA SUGAR, TATAMOTORS, HINDALCO, TATA STEEL, DLF, TCS, REL COMMUNICATION.I feel sorry for over burdening you and my regards and respects to you and to your family.Regards. Krishna, Tamilnadu.

Dear Investors and Traders,
An unfailing Manual System created by sheer hard work of studying and analyzing charts. The Price Action studies with Moving averages, Trend Lines & Trend, Oscillators, Bollinger Bands, Indicators Price Channels, Fibonacci numbers, Fibonacci Retracements, Elliott wave theory, Patterns & Pattern Break Outs, Bullish & Bearish GAPS, Japanese Candlesticks, Bar Patterns, Supports & Resistance and PIVOT POINTS calculations for INTRA DAY price targets, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly targets. All these much before the happenings. Intra Day Trading. RISK & Money Management. Psychology of Trading & Discipline.
The system that has been worked out manually works wonders. The Price Targets derived are Accurate & Precise than any Mechanical Trading System. It gives mind boggling results if incorporated with our Stop loss & Reverse ‘SAR’ Approach to Price Action on the charts.
We harness the most Volatile, chaotic, unpredictable PRICE MOVEMENTS into PROFITABLE TRADES.
Learn to create your own GROWTH fund. Become your own WEALTH Manager. All that It requires is knowledge of basic tools of Technical Analysis, hard work & discipline to follow the rules & plans.

*Plan MEGA SMS. Position call with entry, exit & stoploss targets. Rs.8000/- for single msms call.

*2/11. 1st msms Sell 10 lots of tata Motor at 196.50. Target 192.30. Target achieved.

*1/11. Target of Nifty 5300 put option achvd.
1st msms Sell 10 lots of Tata Motor at 200. Target 194.30. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 10 lots of ICICI bank at 920. Target 900. Target achvd.
3rd msms BUY 30 lots of Nifty 5200 Put Option at 78. Target.......................................

*31/10. 1st msms Buy 20 lots of Nifty 5300 Put Option at 86. Target 130....
2nd msms Sell 10 lots of ICICIbank at 945. Target 925. Target achvd.

*21/10. 1st msms Sell 8 lots of HDFC at 647. Target 637. Target achieved.
2nd msms Buy 30 lots of Nifty November 5000 Put Option at 98. SL 88. Target 135......

*20/10. ICICI bank target achvd.
1st msms Sell 10 lots of HDFC at 657. Target 647. Target achvd.

*19/10. 1st msms Sell 10 lots of ICICI bank at 892. Target 872...................
*18/10. Target of ICICI bank achieved.

*17/10. 1st msms Sell 12 lots of ICICI bank at 896. Target 872. ...............................
*13/10. 1st msms Sell 6 lots of Bata at 684. Target 674. Target achieved.

*11/10. 1st msms Sell 6 lots of Bata at 670. Target 660. target achieved.
2nd msms Sell 25 lots of Nifty at 5020. Target 4700......................................................

*7/10. 1st msms Sell 25 lots of Nifty at 4915. Target 4875. target achieved.
2nd msms Sell 6 lots of Bata at 634. target 623. target achieved.
3rd msms Sell 5 lots of Chambal fert. at 92. Target 89. Target achieved.
Bought  PUT Options of Arvind Mill.

*5/10. 1st msms Sell 20 lots of Nifty at 4802. Target 4752. Target achieved.
2nd msms Sell 12 lots of SBI at 1752. Target 1722. Target achvd.

*4/10. 1st msms Sell 20 lots of Nifty at 4870. Target 4815. target achieved.
2nd msms Sell 12 lots of ICICI bank at 845. Target 821. Target achvd.
***OUR SUPER MEGA SMS CALL of 29/9...given much before the happening....Sell ICICI bank  Ovtober fut at 892..Target 800..achieved today. This is a small example of our 100% SUCCESS rate calls.

*3/10. 1st msms (30/9.) Buy 10 lots of DLF 210 Put Option at 11.50. Target 17.60. Target achvd.
2nd msms (30/9) Sell 8 lots of  DLF at 210. Target 203.30. Target achvd
30/9. 1st msms Sell 12 lots of JSW steel at 607. Target 590.30. Target achieved.

29/9. 1st msms Sell 12 lots of ICICI bank OCT. fut. at 892. Target.........800.

*28/9. 1st msms Sell 15 lots of SBI at 1987. Target 1962. Target achvd.
2nd msms Sell 10 lots of TCS at 1055. Target 1040. Target achvd.
3rd msms Sell 25 lots of Nifty at 4970. Target 4920. Target achvd.

*26/9. 1ST MSMS Sell 15 lots of SBI at 1950. Target 1922.30. Target achieved.
2nd msms Sell 20 lots of NIFTY at 4840. Target 4790. Target achvd.

*23/9. Booked DLF 200 Put Option at 12.
1st msms Sell 10 lots of ICICI bank at 860. Target 843. Target achvd.

* Urgent & Important. Contact us for PRE LAUNCH offer for 2012 Intra year Precise Pivot Points Bulletin.
Subsciption open till 30th October,2011. Plan closes on 2nd January,2012.
*8/10/2011. Now pay only Rs.3000/- for the remaining 2011 Intra Year Bulletin.
“ 2011 Intra Year Precise PIVOT POINTS ”. To identify market trend changes with up to 95% accuracy. Subscribe to PLAN B today & ride the trend on your own to make super profits.
This proprietary information, unavailable to other traders, has helped ‘2011 Pivot Points Bulletin’ users make fortunes because they knew ahead of time what most other traders didn't know - when the markets were about to change direction!

The Quickest, Smartest Way to Build Wealth in 2011.
Accurate forcast “ 2011 intra year precise Pivot Points bulletin”. Subscibe today to get the perfect FORCAST for the entire year of 2011 of precise PIVOT points of NIFTY, Bank Nifty, Sensex & 140 stocks & USD GOLD, 4 Currency Pairs for profitable Trading & investments for just Rs.10,000/-.
Become your own wealth manager.
* Corruption, Economy,Scams, GDP,Inflation, Earthquakes, Tsunami, War, Peace everything is discounted in the PRICE. Hence follow the PRICE ACTION only, the ultimate truth of Financial Markets & only we give you the FULL PICTURE of the Price Action in advance. Follow it with strict discipline.

* A boon for both SMALL & BIG Investors & Traders.

*MIND BOGGLING precise Intra Year PIVOT POINTS of NIFTY, Bank Nifty, Sensex & 140 stocks for the full year of 2011 ( 3/1/2011 to 31/12/2011). Just follow the pivot points. Trade accordingly on a larger time frame of 3 to 6 weeks ( 10 to 17 trades in a year per stock on your own) with complete peace of mind & generate huge wealth for yourself only.
More powerfull & accurate then any mechanical trading system. Absolutely easy to follow & trade with accuracy & precision.
Rs.10,000/- for the full year’s precise pivot trading points bulletin. Sent only once by e mail. Subscibe today.

BANK NIFTY PIVOT POINTS for 2010. 4000 a, 5040 b, 6600 c, 7020 d, 7770 e, 8400 f, 9033 g, 9630 h, 10350 I, 11400j, 12000 k, 13000 l. ( made actual high/low of 13305/8150 during 2010 ).

Members bought above 8400 and 9033 and never looked back. Booked huge profit at various resistance levels, reentered and ultimately booked profit at 13000 and again went SHORT below 13000.. booked profit at 11450….like this you can easily trade 10 to 15 times during the year. No thinking, No guessing, just follow the targets & the RULES wit 100% discipline for 100% profit.
Suzlon Energy PIVOT POINTS for 2010. 22 a, 47 b, 68 c, 76 d, 90 e, 112 f, 133 g, 145 h. ( Made actual high/low of 95.6/43 ).

Members made tones of money by short selling in the first week of the year, that is below 90 and then below 76. Booked profit at 69. Again went short below 76. Booked profit at 47.5. Bought above 48 & booked profit at 67. Like this you can do multiple profitable trades during the year. When the WORLD was BUYING only our members were SHORT SELLING.
*6/5/2011. Fees for studying Technical Analysis course is Rs.50,000/- .
Learn Technical Analysis, theories & precise practical  applications.
4 days, 4 hours daily, Rs.50,000/-. Full life time support with free guidence to cover the entire fees by trading and much more to make you an automatic PROFESSIONAL trader. Plus course material, Plus 2011 intra year bulletin is given free.

* The stock market is full of volatility! We show you how to trade successfully in any market conditions.
The only system that makes you a SMART TRADER AUTOMATICALLY.
Know Sure Things through our PROBABILITY analysis.

*Without knowledge you can go right sometimes, while with knowledge you can go wrong sometimes. Without knowledge you will remain stuck to your mistakes, while with knowledge you will convert your mistake to your advantage and that is SAR.
Just spend 30 minutes to read this full page carefully with patience.

Trade with our system for your success and to make our system a
‘STOP LOSS &; REVERSE’(SAR) Manual Trading System.
"Set It and Forget It" - The Key to Taking Emotion Out of the TRADING Game
(to be followed manually with our Price Targets & our Golden Rules of Trading).
THE ONLY TREND FOLLOWING MANNUAL TRADING SYSTEM of ‘SAR’ that always,automatically keeps you with the TREND. TREND is your FRIEND.
Do you always want to win in this battle field of buyers & sellers ?
Do you want a weapon & arsenal that can reap profits for you from this uncertain,speculative,chaotic & turbulent market ?
Then get youself armed with our most powerful Weapon & arsenal of STOP Loss & REVERSE (SAR) and Start making money from the stock market every hour,every day,every week,every month and so on & on and forever on your own from today.

* The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength,not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.If you have will, we have the way.

ICICI BANK A/C No. 001101531457,
HDFC BANK A/C No. 01141000086422.
ADDRESS : Sun Swept , 305 A wing, Lokhandwala Market, Jhulelal Marg, Andheri (west)- Mumbai -400 053. Maharashtra.
Mobile Nos. 09869902649 / 09930280663 .

* THE SYSTEM is proved to be more miraculous than ‘ALLADIN’S MAGIC LAMP’ and more powerful WEALTH CREATOR then the ‘GOOSE that LAYS GOLDEN EGGS’. THE SYSTEM is a perfect & powerful PASSWORD for opening the door to SUCCESS and infinite wealth of the STOCK MARKETS.Many times more then the password of ‘SIM-SIM KHULJA’ or ‘OPEN SEASAME’ of ‘ALIBABA and the FORTY THIEVES. This is neither a MYTH nor a FAIRY TALE.It is a simple,plain and SOLID truth.A system that can be easily followed by every trader. The system not only gives you consistent success in a chaotic and turbulent and highly speculative stock markets BUT also gives you an infinite pleasure & satisfaction of being always right in this game of CHANCE.The satisfaction of trading & making money with POWER of KNOWLEDGE & NOT by LUCK or Fluke.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Tushar Vaishnav & Neeta Vaishnav.

The Easiest way to achieve SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE in life :
To begin your journey as a conscious and successful traders – or anything else for that matter – try bridging the gap between you conscious and subconscious by first making the decision to make the effort. You don’t need to believe; experience will convince you. Start with the premise that by developing a disciplined ritual of TELLING your subconscious what your conscious mind wants and make this a part of your TRADING DISCIPLINE. Acknowledge that it will take time and require perseverance but in the end, you will be rewarded by tangible proof.
Just how you chose to train your subconscious depends on your preference. There are many sources to choose from, but the more specific to your needs, the better. However, the principle implication is clear : you can determine your reality….if you consciously choose to do it. If you do not believe, that is ok, but not making an attempt to see for yourself will be a mistake.
DISCLAIMER :Trading & investing in stock market and in Forex market is highly risky. We take no responsibility of any kind for any of our suggestions & writing. . The clients, subscribers, traders & investors are trading & investing totally at their own risk. The stock market, cash & F&O trading has infinite risk where one can lose the invested capital & can run into further heavy losses too. We do not give any guarantee for any of our writing, price targets, educational programmes & for any statement related to stock market. Trading & Investing in stock market is highly risky business & can cause huge financial loss. We are not responsible for any of your actions that may be based on our suggestions. We do not give any performance guarantee

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